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Emily Ratajkowski’s Boobs Are Sadly Shrinking

Emily Ratajkowski’s breast shrunk. Sadly it is the truth.  I don’t know if she lost weight, but whatever happened made her huge tits become still nice but definitely from a D to a C.

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Katy Perry’s Been Working Out

Katy Perry’s tits look so good here, but to me, she has been working out so much, they look smaller.  But her ass does look tighter if that is even possible.  Check out this gym goin song ho after my jizzum. 

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Lady Gaga Tweets Her New Curvy Body

Lady Gaga shows some weight loss here and tweets out her new curvy body.  IT looks pretty good if you ask me, now she should just do something to her face.  

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Britney Spears Latest Twitter Photo Is Hot & Some Other Sexy Concert Pics & SCHTuff.

Britney Spears looks great in this bikini Twitter pic. Her body has really toned up and she is getting ready to be a massive twat on X-Factor.  I heard she is a real bitch. 

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Vanessa Pudgens Was A Little Pudgier When She Was Dating This OOM BOP Dude

  This Hansen brother gets to touch Vanessa’s Oom Bop vajay in this bikini.  What a lucky bastard.  I can’t believe how much pudgier and less defined her body was here, and this was only a short while ago. Since Spring Breakers began fliming you could bounce a quarter pound burger  off her shit. 

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And Now… The Best Pictures Of Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Sexy Slamming Hot Post Weight Loss Body

Jennifer Nicole Lee was a real pig before this transformation.   A big titted pig that would probably fuck your brains out and then raid your fridge like nobody’s business.  But look at her now, look at her now, uh she gettin paper! 

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Kate Upton May Have Lost Some Weight, But Doesn’t Look Like Her Boobs Did

Kate Upton may have dropped an inch or two from the waist, but her tits didn’t lose an ounce of squishy natural goodness.  Here she is in her latest bikini photo shoot showing off them jugs. 

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Katy Perry Shows Her Huge Tits In The End Of 2011 In A Bikini

A nice display of Katy Perry’s huge bikini tits must have been on everyone’s Santa Clause list.  Seriously, we needed these bikini pics to end the year.  This is just a makeshift post for now, so enjoy these while we wait for HQ. Lets hope their are some different swimsuit pics coming, and also did […]

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Snooki’s Latest Titty Showing Moments Including Bikini Pics Of Her New ThinNER Body

Snooki is back on Critdick.com.  Her titties seemed to remain as large as they were before even with her recent weight loss.  I like that shit.  Check out Nicole Snooki Polizzi’s latest tit showing pictures since she lost weight after 

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Eva Amurri Lost Some Weight & Her And Her Fat Milkbags Are Getting Married

Eva Amurri lost some weight, but managed to keep her huge tits still, well, huge.  They look really nice as does her ass in this sliver tight dress.  She also tweeted some bikini pics. They look pretty good.  I hope she doesn’t stop getting fully nude on Californnication just because she is married.  That would […]

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