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Miley Cyrus’s Latest Wardrobe Malfunction & Joint Smoking

Miley Cyrus- full on braless boob slip with nipple GIF action?  Plus some joint smoking pics… NICE 1She aint the mutherfuggin #1 in the Maxim Top 100 for nuttin

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If You’re Not Following Kristina Rose On Twitter, Then There Is Something Wrong With You!

Kristina Rose is seriously one of my favorites I follow on Twitter.  If you don’t follow her, then you are missing out.  She is hilarious on Twitter from getting high,loving her cat, (and I love my cat too)  flashing us with nude pics, and then doing anal ALL THE TIME, I can’t think of a […]

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Rihanna’s Latest Twitter Pics Smoking Blunts Plus Some Bikini & Photo Shoot Hotness

Rihanna Is looking extremely dirty again and probably will never wear a bridal gown, so she just gets high here and puts some shit on naked and has someone take a pic of her looking oh so slutty.  

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Amanda Bynes Shows That Smoking Pot Does Your Titties Good

Amanda Bynes has been getting fucked up, but that isn’t fucking up her body.  She must drink skim milk when she is high, and it goes right to her tits.  

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Jenny It’s Me Casper, Chloe Sevigny Decides To Get High, Have A Big Love, & Loves Dick

Chloe Sevigny shows her nice body in a bikini.  She gets high and smokes a lot of weed before she gets ass raped by Casper and he gets Telly’s AIDS.  Shit is wrong.  Dumb asses.  

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