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Jessica Biel’s Bikini Ass In Serious High Def Photos

I want the camera this photographer has!  These picture of Jessica Biel’s ass are some crisp and clear that you can literally see her anus opening and the fart fumes coming out.  If you zoom in close, you can see that Jessica’s ass is just about perfect and literally needs no photo shopping if she […]

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Cameron Diaz In A Thong Bikini With A-Roid Alex Rodriguez

Here is Cameron Diaz hanging out with Alex Rodriguez ready to play with his A-rod, or maybe his D-Rod.  Cameron really isn’t that pretty, but she ahd dated some of the guys most in demand, like Alex, Justin Timberlake, etc.  Cameron must give it up the backdoor, or maybe she just gives a real good […]

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Kourtney Kardashian Blue Bikini Pictures Show Much Hot Ass

I am just starting to think, could Kourtney Kardashian be hotter than her sister Kim and her big ol’ ass? She really could, but she would definitely need a little plastic surgery on her face.  Chloe the fucking Goliath monster, there is no helping.  I like Kim the best still.  Her face is definitely the […]

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Adrianne Curry Whorish Twitter Photos Keep Getting Better

Here are some more Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos that show almost her entire body fully nude again!  Adrianne loves to tweet out the sexiest possible pictures that she or her Brady husband can take of her!  I like that.  I guess when you’re married to a Brady and he isn’t plowing you like a snow […]

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Paris Hilton Weight Gain Looks Great In This Bikini

Check out this dirty bitch by the name of Paris, bitch look like mah-fuggin Anna Faris, from Scary Movie when I was in Juvy… Nah just kidding.  I drank a little bit so I think I know some rap shit.!! Ha I’m a poet, and dirty Paris Hilton can Blow IT.  Whatever, this post bores […]

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Jersey Shore Bitches In Thongs Are Back

So the JERSEY SHORE is back in action.  These are the bitches from last season, but they have nice asses, so I put the pics up.  I know everyone is ready for a great season, but I am not too sure this season is going to be so great. I heard the 2nd season was […]

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Jessica Burciaga Is One Sexy….?

MODEL!  That’s what Jessica Burciaga is!  Who would have guessed that?  I don’t know what she models besides swimsuits, but these photos are super hot.  Jessica  has also posed for PLayboy magazine, and it looks like it was just an okay photo shoot.  When I hear Playboy, I think that they have all fully nude […]

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Odette Yustman & Amber Heard In Bikinis ..Nuff Said

Amber Heard doin the dirty on the beach with Odette Yustman.  Who could ask for anything better?  Well they aren’t doing anything exciting except for Odette stripping off her pants to show her nice ass.  Odette recently married Dave Annaballe and they should be in process of making some really really ridiculously good looking children.  […]

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Paris Hilton Topless Hand Bra & Fully Nude On A Mountain!

Well hello there Paris.  How are things today in the world of nude billionairesses frolicking on a mountain in your birthday suit?  I am not sure what Paris Hilton is doing here naked and fully nude on this mountain, but she is definitely getting some nice photos done and probably being paid a pretty penny […]

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Fergie’s Thong Bikini Pictures With Nice Cleavage & Hot Ass Pics

These Fergie bikini pics are hot.  She really has a nice body, and definitely a pretty face when she isn’t singing.  I think she looks like a model here more than a singer.  I don’t know if she ever did any modeling before, but she should.  I am sure her tits are fake, and definitely […]

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    Chrissy Teigen's Perfect Nude Breasts On The Beach

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    Katy Pery Wardrobe Malfunction Throwbacks Include Pokies, Cameltoe, & Nip See Thru

      Katy Perry looks hot as hell in this pink bikini and also in the dress she wore th[...]

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