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Tinashe- Welcome To Critdick.com

Tinashe has great tits.  Her IG and FB and Twitter proves that shit.  Her tits are so nice and her body and face is so fucking hot that it makes me want to jerk off all over my PC screen as I write this post.  I can’t believe how fucking how she is.  SHe looks […]

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Ronda Rousey’s Busty Ass Kicking Outfit

Ronda Rousey’s tits are busting out of her ass beating UFC tank top.  Her boobs look really nice.  Her body is extremely toned and right up there with Gina Carano.  

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Rita Ora’s Ass Looks Awesome And Her Tits Look WAAAYYY BIGGER!

Rita Ora has a great body, from her recent boob slip in concert that showed how awesome and natrual her breasts were with the perfect symmetry and beautiful nipples, and now they look even bigger than before.  What a hot singin piece of R & B ass.  

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Just When You Thought Jessica Alba Couldn’t Get Any Hotter

Jessica Alba couldn’t get any hotter until she put on a shitty white wife beater and a sheer bra to show her awesome body and tight hard nipples.  Nice photo shoot.  Such the girl next door.  

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Victoria Justice Finally Shows Some Decent Cleavage

Victoria Justice finally shows some cleavage in this tight little red tank top in some would be sex scene for some shitty movie I would never watch unless she sucked someone’s dick and got naked and took it in her shitter.  

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M.O.G. Hayden Panettiere In Booty Shorts!

Hayden Panettiere body is looking crazy hot as a goddam mothafucka.  Looks at dat shit ome boi!  Home boy = OME BOI.  

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Hayden Panettiere Leads This Pack Of Sluts In Some Bring It On Type Dance Shit

Hayden Panettiere leads this pack of hos in this cheerleading dance type shit and shows them how to be a petite hot blond with killer legs, that can shake her ass, and looks super hot in a tight white tank top. 

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Mila Kunis Shows Her Hot Body In A Bikini Plus Some See Thru Tank Top Lesbian Shit

Mila Kunis looks super hot in this bikini.  I really think that she is one of the hottest girls out there right now.  She really turns my crank like Saddam Hussein did to Satan in the South Park Movie. 

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Here Is A Hot Ass Ashley Tisdale Photo Shoot I Have Never Seen Before

Ashley Tisdale definitely has a great body.  Nice tits, cute ass, sexy legs, but that fucking nose does me wrong.  I really think she should go and get that thing fixed.  Honk Honk, here comes Ashley’s nose, honkin all the way home.  But that ass, like I said, it will be a real treat to […]

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Jessica Alba Losing The Baby Weight, But Not The PreggaBoobs

Jessica Alba is looking sexy again.  Not sexy like when she was in Honey, but still sexy.  Her tits look great and her stomach really went down.  Put it down on me, I like the way you grind with that booty on me, shorty titties growin durin pregnancy, buy me another round and show vag […]

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