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DId Scarlett Get Another Boob Job?

  Scar;ett Johannson’s tits are really looking like she got some implants again.  I wouldn’t blame her.  It’s all about the tits.  You could be a talentless fuck and have great tits and still make it in Hollywood. A La Lindsay.  

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Olivia Wilde’s Hot Sandy Crotch & Nipple Pokies!

Olivia Wilde has some really wild nipples poking out of her sandy ass bikini.  I think that Olivia should stop all this bullshit with the movies and get her ass back on House.  I don’t like the new chick on there, Amber Tamblyn.  She is really annoying and wears the absolute worst clothes.  Olivia was […]

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Helen Flanagan Got A Serious Pair Of Bikini Tits

I nominate this fine piece of Katy Perry look-a-like ass to be the official Dicksperson, I mean spokesperson for my dick.  Helen should really take a look at my penis.   I bet she would really like it.  she really has a great rack, and a nice crotch piece on her.  I don’t really know who […]

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Vanessa Hudgens Ass In A Skimpy Bikini Bottom

Vanessa Hudgens surfs!  What more could I guy want?  Well, frankly a lot more.  Surfing is pretty lame, although I have never tried it, I have seen the movie Blue Crush, and aside from bitches in wet suits and the other nice underwater booty glimpses and constant hard nippling, I think that it looks like […]

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Denise Richards Cameltoe Bikini Pictures Are Hot!

It’s a good day when all the bikini pictures you find, come with an awesome cameltoe  shot or two!  Here are some hot pictures of Denise Richards living it up and playing nicey nice for the paps!  I never really looked at any Denise Richards Cameltoe pictures, I guess it’s because she really had a […]

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Ashley Greene’s Hot Ass In A Blue Bikini

Ashley Greene is looking hot as hell in this nice blue bikini at some pool party bum fluffery in Vegas.  Actually, one of my  friends, well ok I lied, (a person I knew from high school and we are” Facebook friends”) works there and that bastard gets to rub elbows with all these ho’s including […]

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Carrie Underwood Hot Bikini Picture Compilation!

Carrie Underwood has just gotten married.  I intend to celebrate her marriage by putting up a bunch of different bikini pictures of her.  Carrie in on her honeymoon getting her freak on in Tahiti and getting a lot of color in her hot bathing suits.  She does looks sexy in her swimsuits, and for her […]

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Entourage Is Back With Sloan’s Ass In A Swimsuit & Perry Reeves Upskirt!

Entourage is back with more revealing pictures of E’s girlfriend Sloan, played by Emmanuelle Chriqui.  I would think that they need better ratings, and what better way to get them, then putting Sloan in skimpy lingerie and bikinis for a promo shoot.  We have already seen Emmanuelle Chriqui naked, but the picture was not very […]

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Melissa Satta Thong Bikini Pictures Show Off Her Ass

Melissa Satta lacks the tatas, but damn does she have some ass on her.  She is reminiscent of, well I don’t know, some ho in a bikini with a nice ass.  Her ass is only 24 years old.  I thought her ass may have been Hispanic, but that booty is Italian.  She is known for […]

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Selena Gomez Bikini Pictures On Set Of Her New Movie

Selena Gomez is on set in a nice skimpy blue bikini for her new movie.  The name of the film is Monte Carlo and she is co-starring with Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy.  I have no idea what the movie is about, but I’ll probably watch it since all three of those chicks will be […]

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