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J-Woww Makes Sure Her Fake Boobs Are The Center Of Attention

Stank-O-Meter (6.5/10) Jersey Shore’s J-Woww checks to see if her money maker implants are still there.  Stripping off her bikin will definitely get her some more publicity.  Too bad the picture wasn’t taken from the other side, we could have saw her big fake boobs naked!     The only thing good about Jenni J-Woww […]

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Tiger Woods Latest Mistress/Hooker Devon James Pics & Video

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/5) I haven’t broke out the Stank-O-Meter too often recently, but this is well deserving of some poo piles.  4 1/2 to be exact.   This girl Devon James is Tiger Woods latest mistress.   Mistress is a term used lightly here.  This chick is a hooker.   Over the course of 2 years, Tiger reportedly paid […]

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These Girls Are Jerseylicious!

So, guess what?  Is that Snooki in a slutty outfit?  Everybody is guessing that, but it’s not.  Her name is Olivia Blois Sharpe and she is the new Snooki of the new show called Jerseylicious.  Jerseylicious takes place in a hair salon in Green Brook NJ.  The show is a total bite off the Jersey […]

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The Oscars Sucked As Bad As Amanda Seyfried’s Dress Choice

Stank-O-Meter (3.5/5) The 2010 Oscars sucked worse than Amanda Seyfried hiding her boobs in this hideous dress that she chose.  I wonder if someone paid her to wear that friggin thing?  What a bad choice!  Basically everyone’s outfit pretty much blew goats except Miley Cyrus had her jailbait boobs on display and actually looked pretty.  […]

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Are The American Idol Voters Racist?

American Idol sent home four more contestants, and to be honest I don’t think I agree with America’s vote.  So far eight people have gone home and only two of them were white!  Ashley Rodriguez, Michelle Delamor, Haeley Vaughn, Joe Munoz, Jermaine Sellers and John Park are all of different ethnicity.   The only two white […]

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Movie Review The Crazies SUCKS

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/5) You’re CRAZY is you liked The Crazies.  What  a suckfest!  This movie was absolutely awful.  No wonder that Timothy Olyphant was the leading star….No one with any decent or natural ability would have signed on to do this piece of shit.  Joining him in this retarded remake are Danielle Panabaker, Radha Mitchell, and […]

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American Idol’s Haeley Vaughn-GO HOME!

I am so sorry for this post, but seriously GO HOME HAELEY.  Last night, Haeley Vaughn sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus.  It was a complete mess.  The problem, and sorry if this is mean, Haeley’s lips are so friggin big that she can’t spit out the words without those things flapping around in the […]

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Cougar Town Sucks Cox

(4/5) Cougar Town sucks.  I really tried to give it a shot.  The first episode was pretty funny.  Courtney Cox looked sexy, and I thought wow, who is her blond friend with nice cans?  They put Cox in her underwear, lol.. Let me rephrase that, Courtney Cox was in her underwear and in a bikini […]

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Screech’s New Book

This washed up asshole wrote a book. He really gets the scumbag of the year award for this one.  He tried to throw everyone under the bus by saying they all did drugs and screwed each other while they were on the show.  I am sure his skinny dorky gawky ass was doing the same […]

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Tila Tequila’s Shitty Fake Sex Tape

The queen of Myspace and herpes is coing out with a sex tape now.  She said that it is a fake, and why would someone wait for so long to put it out?  Well the reason is that your shitty 6 months of fame have been over for almost two years.  So Tila Taqueefla probably […]

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    Chrissy Teigen’s Perfect Nude Breasts On The Beach

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    Hello Again Kylie Jenner

    Hello Again Kylie Jenner

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    Gigi Hadid Nude!

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