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Eva Longoria’s Stretch Marked Bikini Ass Is Still HOT

Eva Longoria bikini ass o the beach showing that she is old, but still has an ass to die for even though it has some stretch marks.  

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Jessica Alba’s Monstrous Milk Filled Mom Boobs Are Getting Stretch Marks

Jessica Alba’s milked filled moo bags are starting to get stretch marks.  Those tits grew so fast that her skin just couldn’t keep up.  Her tits are way bigger this time, and maybe they will stay that big after she loses that baby weight again.  I think that these boobs will continue to grow and […]

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Renee Olstead’s Tits Almost Fall Out OF HEr Dress A LA Tara Reid

Renne Olstead looks different to me.   She almost had a Tara Reid moment!  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it is the fact that with the HIGH DEF photos, we can see the stretch marks that came about her huge natural breasts.  I guess there couldn’t be enough cocoa butter smeared on those puppies […]

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Salma Hayek Ass Got Da Mah Fuggin Cellulite!

Stank-O-Meter (8.5/10) Salma Hayek, well, you were hot in Desperado, hot in your bra on Ugly Betty, but these bikini pics, eh.  DISAPPOINTED!  Really, Salma, go and get a nice clear skin cellulite treatment. You can afford it!  It won’t take long.  Have them take the cottage cheese out of your legs and put if […]

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Hayden Panettiere Picks Her Hot Ass & Digs For Some Brown Gold!

Here is Hayden Panettiere digging for gold and picking her bathing suit wedgie out of her nice tight plump ass.  Hayden’s ass really looks amazing here, but I think I could see some stretch marks!  Hayden is way too small to have stretch marks, and her ass isn’t that big that her skin should be […]

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Breaking News: Shakira’s Ass Has Stretch Marks!

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/10) Shakira’s ass has stretch marks!  Oh no!  What a friggin tragedy!  I had to make it breaking news, because some asshole actually called it a “Shakira stretch mark scandal”.   What kind of scandal involves stretch marks? There they are!  The scandalous stretch marks.  It doesn’t make Shakira any less hot.  The way that […]

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Hayden Panettiere Crotch & Implants Are Tight In Her Red Swimsuit

Hayden Panettiere is going to be spending a lot of time showing off her new implants? and looking somewhat hot, somewhat troll-ish in her nice red Hello Kitty bikini.  Who picked out that swimsuit for her, her mom?  I think that Hayden must be going nuts trying to get movie roles since her shitty show […]

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