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Snooki’s Little Pork Chop Body & Fat Boobs In An Oompa Loompa Bathing Suit

These Nicole “Snooki Polizzi pictures actually hurt my dick.  I definitely can’t even give them a full hard on.  I don’t understand why Snooki doesn’t get on the Jwoww diet.  She really cleaned up and made herself look hot.  I feel bad for Snooki, that she can’t maintain her body correctly.  Maybe she has a […]

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Snooki Is Going To Wrestle With Trish Stratus… and WTF Happened To Trish Stratus?

Stank-O-Meter (8.5/10) Ok.  Let’s start off by saying Snooki is going to wrestle.  All those guido juiceheads, J-Woww manly but getting hotter and more and more looking like Emmanuelle Chriqui, included, and they picked Snooki to wrestle in the upcoming Wrestlemania.  I think that Snooki is going to be on the WWE shows for a […]

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Mini Elvira, I Mean Jersey Shore’s Snooki Actually Looks Like She Lost Some Weight

So here is Elvira, coming back from the dead to wish everyone a nice hair day!  Look at that hair.  Snooki has the same hairdo as Sylvio from Sopranos!  I think Snooki looks better in the body department, not nearly as sexy as J-Woww’s new body, but all in all I think that Snooki is […]

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Best Of The JErsey SHore Girls Hot & SExy Pics

This has got to be my favorite Snooki picture ever.  She really looks good here.  I don’t care how short she is, her body is Full Grown and boomin and ready to get quido banged for a hot quickie in the Jenkinson’s Point Pleasant bathroom, or maybe even a nice glory hole at The Surf […]

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Snooki In A Slutty Outfit With Some Panty Flashing

Stank-O-Meter (6.5/10) I haven’t broke out the Stank-O-Meter in a while, but all this Snooki news is deserving of it.  I can’t believe they are going to drop her from a ball in Times Square.  Snooki has really escalated to a serious fame status and I think it’s because of how retarded she acts. People […]

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Snooki As The Pickle Princess Of Chunky Short Girls With Big Tits

Stank-O-Meter (6.5/10) Well sometimes you have to love Jersey Shore’s Nicole Snooki Polizzi….  Then there are times that she looks regoddamdickulous.  This is one of those times.  I think that Snooki can actually look cute sometimes and she can also looks like a retard others.  I will give her that she does have VERY NICE […]

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Snooki’s Entire Fully Naked Pig Titty Fell Out Of Her Shirt!

Stank-O-Meter (9.5/10) The cat is out of the bag. Well, not the cat, rather the pig nipple has fallen out of the shirt.  I think the title of this article says it all.  It was only a matter of time before we saw a nice full tit slip from one of the Jersey Shore Girls.  […]

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Jersey Shore Girls In Bikini’s Plus Snooki’s Latest Upskirt!

Stank-O-Meter (5.5/10) Here are the girls of Jersey Shore doing there season 3 farewell show in their bikinis.  Snooki really does look like an Oompa.  Loompa. Deena Cortese looks like a younger version of the grossest Housewife of NJ Danielle The Slob Staub.  I wonder if Deena or J-Woww have the same case of ALIEN […]

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Snooki’s Fat Ass Is Naked In These Upskirts Photos With No Panties

Here are some pictures of Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki Polizzi showing her naked ass in a series of upskirt photos . I think that Snooki has been letting it all hang out recently because she really doesn’t give a shit if people call her fat or not.  If you get a good look, she really […]

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Snooki’s Upskirt When Her Fat Porker Ass Went Bull Riding In Granny Panties

Stank-O-Meter (7.5/10) Snooki took her fat ass bullriding wearing granny panties!  At least she did the world a favor, and actually wore panties.  I guess in between sucking dick shaped lolli pops, she had some time to make an asshole out of herself and make retarded faces riding a bull. I think the picture above […]

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