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WTF is going on with Courtney Cox’s Spine?

Stank-O-Meter (7.5/10) Courtney Cox’s bikini body looks pretty good.  But WTF is going on with her spine???  That shit looks insane.  It is bulging out and looks like she is anorexic.  Dat shit cray!  

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Gabrielle Anwar The Bikini Ass Dem Suga

Drunk offa cheap wine!  Gabrielle Anwar’s bikini body is looking skinny, hot but skinny as fuck.  Her ass crack looks like I could take a nap or plant some of my seeds in there and hopefully a watermelon would come out of her pussy in a few months there after.  Nahmean?  You’s a loner, Adidas […]

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Body Must Be An Illusion Of Perfection

Emily Ratajkowski is skinny as hell with humongous tits.  I don’t think it gets much better than that.  Her body is absolutely ridiculous.  She probably has Bollemia or does a lot of cocaine.  

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Rooney Mara Is Naked…. Eh

(7.75/10) Rooney Mara is naked and everyone seems to think it is a big deal. It’s not like it Sofia Vergara naked, or even Jessica Biel, or someone like that.  It’s Rooney Mara.  She could eat a dick. If you like her and think she is hot and I am an asshole, call me a […]

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Michelle Keegan Looks Mad Young & Has Sweet Plump TIts

Michelle Keegan and her talents other than her huge tits and tight crotch mean absofuckinglutley nothing to me at all.  I could care less, but look at this bitches titties in this bikin.  DAYYYUM

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Kreayshawn’s Purposely Leaked Nude Topless Nipple Ring Pics

(7.5/10) Kreayshawn is really trying to make a name for herself.  Her skinny little body poised doggystyle and topless is ready to take a huge shank in her shitter.  I think that this girl sucks, and she looks so skanky.  I heard she dissed Rick Ross or Ricky Rosay or that fat ass who sucks […]

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Rosie Huntington Whiteley Cameltoe Bikini Pics Plus Other Hot Swimsuits

Rosie Huntington Whiteley is showing some cameltoe in this bikini one piece.  Her fame is slowly dying and I heard Transformers 3 sucked a fat dick.  I would assume it did, being that it was too long and I mean how much special effects can you put in a movie?  3D is cool and shit, […]

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Megan Fox Goes Topless & Wears Skimpy Underwear For Armani

Megan Fox is looking really thin for Armani.  I know you have to be a skinny baggadouche to wear some of those friggin clothes.  I have a few AX T-shirts, but I personally would rather go DKNY.  Megan Fox looks anorexic, hot but,anorexic with nice side boob, panties, crotch, and a bunch of modern weirdness […]

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Mini Elvira, I Mean Jersey Shore’s Snooki Actually Looks Like She Lost Some Weight

So here is Elvira, coming back from the dead to wish everyone a nice hair day!  Look at that hair.  Snooki has the same hairdo as Sylvio from Sopranos!  I think Snooki looks better in the body department, not nearly as sexy as J-Woww’s new body, but all in all I think that Snooki is […]

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Remember When Christina Aguilera Was Skinny, Young, Had Nice Tits & A Hot Ass?

Wow, I just came across these pictures of Christina Aguilera…. I washed off my hands, threw out the tissue, then I wiped the jizz off them, scanned them into my pc, and posted them.  Wow, I am funny today.  Anyway, this ditch pig used to be so hot.  Genie In A Bottle and the Dirty […]

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