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Katie Cassidy’s Bikini Body Is Solid As A Rock

Katie Cassidy’s bikini body is looking fucking amazing.  I have not seen a toned stomach and hot fat cameltoe like that in a long time.  She must work out, with a hard dick.  

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Nicole Coco Austin May Have Had Liposuction Done On Her Stomach

Nicole Coco Austin has liposuction on her ass.  Just kidding, Ice T is like “no man, I told you, it was lipo on her stomach, not her ass”  Get it right idiot! 

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And Now… The Best Pictures Of Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Sexy Slamming Hot Post Weight Loss Body

Jennifer Nicole Lee was a real pig before this transformation.   A big titted pig that would probably fuck your brains out and then raid your fridge like nobody’s business.  But look at her now, look at her now, uh she gettin paper! 

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Miesha Tate Lost A Battle, But Her Ass Wins The War

Miesha Tate has a nice ass.  She lost to Ronda Rousey, but her ass is in the best condition that I have ever seen.  Even better than a UFC ring girl.  She should be carrying the round cards with her naked ass out!  Fuck Arianny!

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Name The Slut Butt Slop Ass Bachelorette Edition

(6.5/10) Name the slut butt has found one of many of America’s famous nobodies that basically just got some cash for being assholes and morons.  You know who this is and what it is, sloppy biatch.

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Giselle Bundchen Bikini Pics Say Hello

Gisele Bundchen hot body in a bikini show a dynamite ass and some sexy stomach with a tender six pack that your beer won’t fall off of.  These shits are hot, check ’em out after

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George Clooney Dumped Elisabetta Canalis So She Jumped Off A Boat

Elisabetta Canalis got dumped by George Clooney and now she is wearing bikinis and jumping off boats to make people see how hot she is and that she can do without George.  The Cloon is now probably banging someone much hotter and getting his jimmy waxed by a bunch of randoms.  It was only a […]

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Jojo Levesque’s Sexy Stomach & Nice Natural Boobs

Jojo Levesque shows off her hot sexy six pack tight toned stomach and huge tits in a short shirt that has nice booting cleavage.  Jojo, if I had your tits and your ass right up in my face I would nut too fast and say that it was because I hadn’t had sex in a […]

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Adrianne Curry Tweets More Slutty Pics & Does A Braless Photo Shoot

I used to not like Adrianne Curry and didn’t think that she was sexy.  I called her an attention whore, and I am not taking that back.  What I am going to take back is the way I described her as not being sexy and too skanky. Granted, she is skanky, but she is dirty […]

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Gina Carano Is The Hottest Bitch That Can Kick Your Ass, And These Are Her Hottest Photos

Gina Carano is looking really hot.  I saw her at a recent Strikeforce fight and she looked like she was ready to kick some ass, then go home suck down some Chardonnay and cozy up to some dude who will treat her like a lady.  I bet she secretly goes for a real skinny nerdy […]

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