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Elly Tran Ha Revisited With Her Big Asian Boobs Because I Feel Like Celebrating Boobs

Don’t let that innocent face fool you.  Elly Tran Ha really has a killer body, probably the most naturally stacked young asian piece of pie.  See it for yourself, dem tits don’t lie. 

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Demi Lovato Wore Too Much MakeUp, But No Bra & Showed Some Nice Boobie, So The Makeup Is Excused For Now.

Demi Lovato has way too much makeup on, but her new found possible implant and sexy titties look nice enough to shove you dick between then your head in that white slimy…Whoops, my bad, thinking of one of my fantasies with Demi and Timberlake as we get it on all together and he splooges on […]

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Kate Upton In Her Bra & Panties Again

Kate Upton looks sexy as hell here in her bra and panties, then in no bra with some type of baby doll pajamas on.  Kate Upton is slowly becoming one of my new favorite bitches to write about.  Her face isn’t the prettiest, but her body is definitely really hot. I don’t know if her […]

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Christina Hendricks Cleavage Has It’s Own Cleavage

Yo I bus’ out articles fasta then Charlie Sheen coked out dick goes limp in a room full of skank hookers.  Nah, I bet Charlie pushes it to the limit and has his Viagra or Cialis pumping out so hard that his heart rate is as fast as Chris Rock in New Jack City.  Christina […]

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Did SideShow Bob, I Mean Rihanna Get Breast Implants?

I had to jinx it.  Just as I was saying that Rihanna constantly gets hotter, she goes and does some dumb shit like this.  Seriously, is she guest starring on  The Simpsons? Really what the fuck is that shitty period stained hairdo?  And what is up with her tits?  Are they fake?  Did Retardanna get […]

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Gina Carano Is The Hottest Bitch That Can Kick Your Ass, And These Are Her Hottest Photos

Gina Carano is looking really hot.  I saw her at a recent Strikeforce fight and she looked like she was ready to kick some ass, then go home suck down some Chardonnay and cozy up to some dude who will treat her like a lady.  I bet she secretly goes for a real skinny nerdy […]

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Has Anyone Grown Tired Of Looking At Brooklyn Deckers Tits & Ass Parade?

I think right before they took this picture of Brooklyn Decker smooshing her huge tits together, someone said, “And the winner for hottest girl ever in an Adam Sandler movie goes to…..BROOKLYN DECKER!!” Brooklyn really made her mark in that film Just Go With It, and I went to see it on a free movie […]

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Addison Timlin Strips, Gets Naked, Has Sex, & Shows Her Nice Big Tits On Californication

Damn, Addison Timlin it’s goods to see those cannons of yours being set free.  I think that Addison looks a lot like Minka Kelly here.  Californication is a pretty decent show from what I hear, I haven’t watched it really, but I think I am going to start now.  Addison Timlin is in some steamy […]

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DWTS Audrina Partridge Was Nude In Some Photo Shoots

Here is Audrina Partridge in some older photo shoot showing off her nice naked body stripping down from a school girl outfit.  I think that Audrina had her tits done and got some nice implants since these photos were taken.  Audrina’s boobs look a little weird here, like she may have had some kind of […]

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Pretty Wild’s Tess Taylor Latest Naked Photos For A Playboy Shoot

Tess Taylor, oh how you have been missed.  Maybe now that her sister, Alexis Neiers is out of jail, there will be a Pretty Wild Season 2. We can only hope so.  Last season, Tess Taylor Arlington was fully naked in the shower while her mom and sister took pictures. Tess Taylor Arlington remains one […]

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    DIrty College Library Girl Kendra Sunderland Topless With Extreme TOE

    DIrty College Library Girl Kendra Sunderland Topless With Extreme TOE

    Kendra Sunderland the dirty library whore who masturbated on screen to get kicked out of sch[...]

    Hello Again Kylie Jenner

    Hello Again Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner is showing her bra and wearing some bright red lipstick.  This outfit is smokin[...]

    Gigi Hadid Nude!

    Gigi Hadid Nude!

    Gigi Hadid looks super young but no doubt she is legal and all woman.  She has a sweet body [...]

    Lindsey Pelas Completely Nude

    Lindsey Pelas Completely Nude

      Lindsey Pelas is seen here in her bra and panties but she will be stripping those [...]

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