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Alessia Tedeschi’s Bikini Ass & Body Is Banging~!

Alessia Tedeschi’s bikini body is smoking hot  She has one of those weird belly buttons, but her ass and tits speak for themselves.  We need more chicks like this at the beach in Jersey.  I am tired of the Snookis and Jwowws  tatted up skank hos.  

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Amy Adam’s Really Doesn’t Wear A Bra in American Hustle

    Not only does Amy Adams not wear a bra, she also gets naked I think.  I am pretty sure this screen cap is her.  Jennifer Lawrence gets down to a bra, but I think Amy does her topless thang again.  I want to see this movie, I was going to go, but I […]

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Abigail Breslin Crazy Hot Pokie Pics Plus Nude Terry Richardson Jumpoffs

  Abigail Breslin did a photo shoot with Terry Richardson.   Nuff Said.  She probably got stoned, took off her clothes, and got Terry to put her in multiple positions.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui Topless Side Boob & Some Nipple Poke Bikini Pics

  Emmanuelle Chriqui is topless here but sadly you really can’t see anything.  She does look cute in this bikini laying next to Justin Long’s dumb ass.

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Gisele Bundchen’s Pregnant Body Than Post Pregnant Pictures Both In Bikinis

  So I used Gisele Bundchen’s belly button to type this post.  That thing is about to make its mark in the world as the biggest outie belly button on the planet.  But as you would guess, models like that and especially Tom Brady’s bitch heal up quick.  Look at her post pregnant milf pics […]

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Rebecca Breeds From We Are Men Is Super Hot- Check Out Some Bikini Pics!

  Rebecca Breeds is taking prime time tv by storm with her super hot Australian body.  She already got in a bikini in the laundry room, waiting for some close ups of that shit and more to come.  

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Miley Cyrus & Her Rooster Hair, Skinny Body & Rooster Nipples Interviewed With Ryan Seacrest

Look people, that’s a rooster with hard nipples.  Miley has a rooster head, and she has hard nipples. Call the cops.  I got those nips in my sights.  

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Just When You Thought Jessica Alba Couldn’t Get Any Hotter

Jessica Alba couldn’t get any hotter until she put on a shitty white wife beater and a sheer bra to show her awesome body and tight hard nipples.  Nice photo shoot.  Such the girl next door.  

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Michelle Rodriguez’s Bikini Body Is Getting Ready For Vin Diesel To Hump It In Fast & Furious 6

Hey Letti, let me fill you up with unleaded.  I bet she banged Vin Diesel and he probably keeps calling her.  She probably won’t fuck him anymore because he has all those muscles and a tiny little inch dick.

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Vida Guerra Is See Through

Vida Guerra shows her nipples and tits in this see through white tank top.  I like Vida’s ass.  That shit is crazy.  

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