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Victoria Justice Almost Had A Very Revealing Wardrobe Malfunction

Victoria Justice, who never shows any skin, (sad face) almost had a very revealing upskirt.  I like her slutty shoes, and she has some great legs.  

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Kylie Jenner Looking Cute In A White See Thru Top Plus Some Other Pics

  Kylie Jenner wore this for her promo pics for the new Kardashian season.  She also is seen in some short skirts as well as a few other provocative outfits.  Check it out! 

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Cheryl Cole’s Twitter Pics Are Hot

  Cheryl Cole is one of the hottest chicks out there, less the hideous tattoos.  I hate when chicks ruin their bodies with fucking garbage.  Just get a piece of garbage and staple it to your leg, at least you can rip it off one day.  

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MIley’s Sister, Brandi Cyrus

  Miley Cyrus sister Brandi, looks a lot like her here.  She is 26, and I guess will never be famous for anything but being the sister to Hannah Cuntana.  

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Why Is Kylie Jenner Smelling Her Fingers?

  Kylie Jenner is smelling her fingers.  I wonder why.  I have smelt my fingers before, just like that, and can you guess what I had just done previously to taking that big whiff?  I bet you can, unless you are a complete idiot, or just someone who has never put his hand in a […]

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McKayla Maroney’s Twitter & Instagram Pictures Are WOWZERS

  McKayla Maroney’s always tweeting out some hot pics of her Olympian jailbait body. Those are some serious curves. 

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Emma Watson Redefines Natural Beauty

Emma Watson redefines natural beauty.  She is really pretty and just looks like a girl you went to high school with that was a geek but you wanted to fuck her because she was so innocent and you wanted to see what her ass, tits, stomach and eyelids would look like covered in cum.  That […]

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Hey Kendall Jenner, Let Me Pump Your Shit For You

Kendall Jenner is pumping her gas while you know what you want to be pumping.  How long until she turns 18?  Surely it is quite soon, and then we will see the full moon.  

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Selena Gomez Comes Through With Those Legs & That Delicious Mouth

Selena Gomez’s mouth won’t stop longing for my cockis.  And Bieber’s cockis, plus a bunch of other dude’s dicks.  She could really suck one and take it hard.  I bet she will start anal sex. SELENA GOMEZ ANAL SEX .  I hope it’s not too long before we have that headline! 

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Meet Recently 18 Year Old Nicola Peltz From Bates Motel- Young Sofia Vergara?

Nicola Peltz is steamrolling her way into stardom with her exotic young hot looks and her resemblance to Sofia Vergara’s hotness is uncanny.  Watch this girl, she is going to be amazingly hotter as the years progress.  

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