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There are No Words, Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner – there are no words to describe what you are looking like recently.  I can’t believe the butt on her.  Check out these pics.  

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Did Kylie Jenner Get Some Plastic Surgery?

Mother of God, did Kylie Jenner get some work done?  I would say so, unless she just miraculously blossomed overnight.  I never seen a 16 year old girl like this in my highschool.  Maybe I should have went to Calabasas.  Also check out some ass shots of Kendall in a bikini that is definitely out […]

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Kylie Jenner’s Instagram & Twitter Pics Deserve Attention!

Kylie Jenner’s bikini body is the ultimate focus of this post, but not to mention that I think all of the Kardashian/Jenner girls got lip implants.  Check out her duck lips, and imagine your-never mind !  She is still jailbait, so keep it clean here.  

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Kendall & Kylie Jenner In Bikinis On KUWTK!

  Kendall & Kylie Jenner are in some skimpy bikini on Keeping Up With The Lardassians.  Kendall actually has a thong on, while Kylie’s bursting out of her top.  Exploitation at it’s finest.  Thank’s Seacrest.  

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Kylie Jenner High Boots & Daisy Dukes

Kylie Jenner is in some big high boots and some really tiny short shorts.  A ittle piece of heaven is falling out of those shorts, inquire within.  

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Kylie Jenner Leads The Pack In A Bikini, On An Elephant

    Kylie Jenner leads the scandalous pack riding an elephant here.  I am sure Knloe and her mom Kris both took turns riding the big guy that trained this elephant.  They are such a devious bunch.  Exploitation at its finest.  Seriously, who rides elephants in bikinis?  

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Kendall & Kylie Jenner In Bikinis

  Here are Kendall and Kylie jenner going scuba diving and showing off their exploited teen figures.  I am sure that they love all this attention and that Kris Jenner banks off every photo taken of these two.  

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Kylie Jenner Looking Cute In A White See Thru Top Plus Some Other Pics

  Kylie Jenner wore this for her promo pics for the new Kardashian season.  She also is seen in some short skirts as well as a few other provocative outfits.  Check it out! 

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Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Pictures Are Unbelievable

  Kylie Jenner’s Instagram pictures are seriously unbelievable.  From tight dresses loaded with cleavage to bikinis, almost legal.  Tick tock. 

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Why Is Kylie Jenner Smelling Her Fingers?

  Kylie Jenner is smelling her fingers.  I wonder why.  I have smelt my fingers before, just like that, and can you guess what I had just done previously to taking that big whiff?  I bet you can, unless you are a complete idiot, or just someone who has never put his hand in a […]

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