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Kesha Actually Looks Hot Here

  Kesha actually looks pretty hot here.  Nice ass in a plaid schoolgirl-esque skirt and braless showing some underboob.

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Kesha Looks Much Better—–Brooke Hogan Mixed With Hulk Hogan Mixed With Marilyn Manson?

  Stank-O-Meter (7.5/10) Kesha has improved her look. But she seriously looks like a pro wrestler with that jaw, Brooke Hogan, well with that jaw, and Marilyn Manson with that chin.  Tits, sideboob, ok, but still hideous.  

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Kesha Makes A Retarded Face When Her Retarded Tit Slips Out Of Her Retarded Bathing Suit

(8.5/10) Kesha Ugly Face Mcgee had a major boob slip and showed everyone her pig nipples.  Kesha really has a terrible body and kind of makes me want to puke all over myself and smear it in my eyes so that I don’t have to look at her anymore.  If you want to see pink […]

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Epic Fail= Kesha’s Bikini Shows Her Fat Upper Vaginal Malfunctional Cyber Pussy From Outer Space

Stank-O-Meter (8.5/10) Bitches and some d-bags get mad when I make fun of Kesha and her sloppy skank body.  So to all the people who find it offensive, I have written this Remix.  TO the tune of Rihanna What’s My Name… Ohh Kesha, ya body’s lame, , Oh Kesha, your gut’s a shame a shame […]

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Kesha Did Maxim In Italy, Nice Trashy Pictures

Stank-O-Meter (7.5/10) Kesha of Ke$ha did a photo shoot for Maxim Italy in a pathetic attempt to look sexy.   She really turns me off.  Aside from Kesha’s Sloppy Fugly Bikini Pics, she still looks like a dirtbag with an ugly beek for a nose and a sloppy 38 year old woman’s body.  Even the […]

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Kesha’s Sloppy Hideous Awful Busted Flabby Saggy Bikini Pics

Stank-O-Meter (5/5) Kesha is absolutely disgusting in a bikini.  She is 22 years old and she has the bikini body of one of the Golden Girls.  I can’t believe what make up can do for some people.  I mean we have all seen Pamela Anderson without make up, and that was a scary sight.   But […]

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