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Briella The Boob Monster From Jerseylicious!

Here is Briella Calafiore from Jersylicious showing off her nice body and looking stunning in a hot dress at some event probably promoting Jerseylicious. I  have to be honest I haven’t really been watching it.   I really think this show is more for girls.  I do however like the fact that there was a lot […]

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Jerseylicious’s Briella Got Nice Juicy Breast Implants

Briella Califiore from Jerseylicious got some nice juicy breast implants.  I think that they really look great and basically everyone on that show has a great rack, except for Olivia Sharpe, (the star of the show).  I was half asleep this morning when my girlfriend was watching the show on the DVR and I heard […]

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Olivia Sharpe From Jerseylicious In A Leopard Bikini

Here is Olivia Blois Sharpe from Jerseylicious in a bikini living it up and showing off her body.  She seriously looks like Snooki with smaller tits and less of an oompa loompa bottom. .  Since the success of Jersey Shore, everyone jumped on the Jersey bandwagon trying to get their shit to be a hit […]

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Jerseylicious Got Renewed For A Second Season!

Olivia Blois Sharpe, Alexa “The Glam Fairy” Prisco, Briella Calafiore,  and Tracy DiMarco bring their hot asses back for another season. Yes, I called Tracy DiMarco hot!  I am in shock too.   I think that because her hair is darker in these pictures.  And those two things underneath her neck definitely help, and I don’t […]

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Meow! Catfight On Jerseylicious Briella VS. Trashy Tracy

A little bit of Bitch Please was going on in the last episode of Jerseylicious.   I would love to see a nice cat fight between Briella and Tracy on the season finale which is coming up on Sunday.   I was really excited when Tracy got fired.  The only thing bigger than that bitch”s […]

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Olivia From Jerseylicious Doesn’t Have To Have Long Nails To Look Hot

Olivia Blois Sharpe has been looking hot and getting all the publicity from the show Jerseylicious.  She has been on Extra, Wendy Williams and a couple other shows.  Olivia is definitely the Snooki of the show.  I am sure she hates to be compared to Snooki, but it is going to happen.  She is definitely […]

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Jerseylicious Team Olivia!!! Thumbs Down to Chesty Cheetah!

Team Olivia is where it’s at for me.  I can’t lie, I don’t religiously watch the show, but I do like to check out the girls that are on it.  I pretend that I am watching it for content, but I really am just checking out everyone’s shit and waiting for a chick fight to […]

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JerseyLicious Olivia Sharpe & Roommate Briella

I watched a couple minutes of the Jerseylicious show.  I have actually seen the salon, but never went inside.   I don’t think it is really a show for guys except for the occasional chick fight, and the girls are kind of hot, but not even close to the girls on Jersey Shore and that […]

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These Girls Are Jerseylicious!

So, guess what?  Is that Snooki in a slutty outfit?  Everybody is guessing that, but it’s not.  Her name is Olivia Blois Sharpe and she is the new Snooki of the new show called Jerseylicious.  Jerseylicious takes place in a hair salon in Green Brook NJ.  The show is a total bite off the Jersey […]

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