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Deena Cortese From Jersey Shore Takes Her Jiggly Bouncy Big Tits & Ass To The Beach

Deena Cortese from Jersey Shore would definitely make some waves and be able to float no matter what pool of ocean she jumped into.  She looks like her tits are monstrous and so is that ass.  Hefty hot bod  

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Jenni J-Wow Almost Lost Her Bikini Top & Her Bottoms Show A Little Bald Peachiness

J-Wow shows the world that her big fake tits literally break her bikini and her bikini wax does work over cellulite and also shows her bald peach that needs to get penetrated by Roger so more. 

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Jersey Shore JWoww & Snooki Wardrobe Malfunctions

(8.5/10) Jenni Jwoww Farley loses part of her top and fixes it while Snooki’s big sloppy boobs are falling out all over the place.  Jwoww’s nip looks weird, either that or a piece of pepperoni fell down her shirt in her pre pic pizza eating contest.

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JWoww’s Heavily Botoxed Joker Face Can’t Smile & Her Wonky Tits Look Like Softballs

(8.5/10) Jenni Jwoww Farley looks like a retard in those glasses.  What the fuck was she thinking?  I get it, she lost weight, thinks she is hot shit, but I would rather do Snooki at this point.  And Sammi, but not Deena.  Nah mean?

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Snooki’s Big Tits Are Back For Another Season Of Jersey Shore. One Word… BLOWPIG!!!!

Did I say Snooki Blows?  Well, I’m talkin bout kisses, talking bout kisses on my dick from my dirty fuckin mistress, talkin bout dick tween the tits like real Jersey Shorian do, before I drops my goo. UH HUH UH

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Britney Spears Nipple Slip On Jersey Shore’s Pauly D’s Shoulders Plus Bonus Green Dress Upskirt!!!

Britney Spears remains young and show her downward pointed nipples while on top of Jersey Shore Pauly D’s shoulders.  What a slut bag.  Me Likey.!  What a slutbag.  Did i say slutbag?  I meant it.  I said it, I meant it, I stole my momma’s credit, I’ll cool I’m hot, sock me in the stomach […]

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Snooki & Her Tits Went To Atlantic City, Deena Falls Alot When She’s Drunk On Jersey Shore…

(6.5/10) Snooki hosted a party in Atlantic City.  Deena made out with Paulie D and fell over everything drunk and was a fucking mess.  Jersey Shore kind of sucks, but Deena and her falling down makes it much better.  Check out these moving GIF images and Snooki with big tits at Atlantic City after

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Snooki In Her Little Short Shorts Bent Over & Showin A Little Toe

Jersey Shore’s Snooki is in little short shorts showing her ass and a slight cameltoe.  Snooki‘s tiny little vajay is going to get romped in Italy.  I bet she cheats on her boyfriend while she is there.  These episodes so far are just ok, I do like single Ronnie, and Sammi looks awesome.  Check out […]

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J-Woww’s Sexy Legs, Hot Cleavage & Tattoo

JWoww is on Jimmy Fallon.  I guess that Snooki or The Situation were unavailable to show up for the interview.  There is no way that either of them weren’t first choice.  Jwoww kinda looks like a bobble head now, and her big fake tits are too big and fake.  I’d rather have Sammi or Snooki.  […]

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Jersey Shore Is On Tonight, And Deena Cortese Brought Her Big Ass Upskirt Thong Badonkadonk To The Beach House

Jersey Shore is back with more nudity and wardrobe malfunctions than ever.  Deena Cortese seems to take the brunt of the slips and oops with her ass being exposed severely already.  Deena’s ass looks like someone ran it over and dragged it down the block all over the gravel blacktop pavement and then smeared it […]

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