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Jenni J-Wow Almost Lost Her Bikini Top & Her Bottoms Show A Little Bald Peachiness

J-Wow shows the world that her big fake tits literally break her bikini and her bikini wax does work over cellulite and also shows her bald peach that needs to get penetrated by Roger so more. 

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Jersey Shore JWoww & Snooki Wardrobe Malfunctions

(8.5/10) Jenni Jwoww Farley loses part of her top and fixes it while Snooki’s big sloppy boobs are falling out all over the place.  Jwoww’s nip looks weird, either that or a piece of pepperoni fell down her shirt in her pre pic pizza eating contest.

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JWoww’s Heavily Botoxed Joker Face Can’t Smile & Her Wonky Tits Look Like Softballs

(8.5/10) Jenni Jwoww Farley looks like a retard in those glasses.  What the fuck was she thinking?  I get it, she lost weight, thinks she is hot shit, but I would rather do Snooki at this point.  And Sammi, but not Deena.  Nah mean?

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J-Woww’s Sexy Legs, Hot Cleavage & Tattoo

JWoww is on Jimmy Fallon.  I guess that Snooki or The Situation were unavailable to show up for the interview.  There is no way that either of them weren’t first choice.  Jwoww kinda looks like a bobble head now, and her big fake tits are too big and fake.  I’d rather have Sammi or Snooki.  […]

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Jersey Shore’s J-Woww’s Other Maxim Pics Look Hot In Lingerie & Deena Cortese Digs In Her Crotch

Deena Cortese is shoving her entire hand and fingers in her crotch walking down the street probably trying to pull the jizz from every guido on the jersey shore out of her snatch.  In the meantime, J-Woww is looking like a goddess compared to the munchkin that cannot find pants that fit her fat dump […]

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J-Woww’s Latest Photo Shoot For Maxim Has Her In See Through Panties

JWoww has posed for Maxim again and they didn’t forget to put her belly button in the photos this time, but she is wearing see through panties.  I remember when I thought that Jersey Shore was just a run of the muck shit show, and guess what, I still do.  The show has been ass […]

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Meatballs Snooki & Deena Reunite While J-Wowws Butherface Reeks Of Roger’s Dong

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/10) The skeeza from Poughkeepsie meets up with Deena Dickhole Cortese and Jenni J-Woww I just have to fix my face now Mcfartsburger.  Another season of Jersey Shore is in the making and we all await with our tightest T-shirts on for this years famous T-shirt Time.  I think Deena is going to lick […]

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Jersey Shore Jenni Jwoww Shows Her New Hot Body With Slight Cameltoe

Jersey Shore’s Jenni Jwoww is showing her hot new body after some serious weight loss in a hot bikini with slight cameltoe.  She is really looking better than ever, and probably better than anyone else on the show. I don’t have much to say about this shit, so be it.  Check out some J-woww Jenni […]

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J-Woww’s Hot Body In A Bikini Laying Out Cause She Needs MORE SUN

Jwoww’s body is looking better than ever.  I don’t know what kind of diet she went on, but she should share the love and her diet with her castmate Snooki.  J-woww’s looking much better than Deena and even Sammi Sweetheart.  Jwoww needs to dump that doucher Roger.  He is kind of annoying and I think […]

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Jersey Shore J-Woww Jenni Farley Shows Us Her Nipples, Ass & Lesbian Tendencies

These are the hottest pictures yet of Jenni “J-Woww Fake Tits, Boobs McSeaside, No Bra Needed, Softball Non Squeezables, Farley from the Jersey Shore.  J-woww must have had Lesbian Tendencies as she is really getting into posing it up with this other slutbag in these pics.  J-woww’s reverse cameltoe is making her lunch box look […]

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