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Critdick’s Hot Amateurs: Skinny Asian Edition

Critdick’s Hot Amateurs brings you some skinny asian amateurs with nice pussies.  There is really only one bitch in here, but the other two were pretty hot and the one had the ultimate clam shell.  Check out this dirty birdie ready to stick an eggroll in her jumpoff after, well the jumpoff.  

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Kaley Cuoco’s Sweet Tits On The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco is looking mighty nipply on The Big Bang Theory.  She has some serious duck mouth and her lips look like it would accommodate a huge schlong.  

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How Much Has Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch Body Changed???

Pamela Anderson is back in the Baywatch uniform, but this time it’s yellow.  Her nips are still popping through and she is still holding her flotation devices and that yellow thing to save people in the water.  

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Pixie Geldof Looks A Little Mentally Disabled, But Her Pencil Eraser Nips Topless Will Poke Your Eye Out

Pixie Geldof looks a little off, but any chick that takes off her shirt and has nice tiny natural boobs and nipples that you can dial a phone with is ok by me.  

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Naomi Watts Has One Serioulsy Fat Vajay Bulging Out Of Her Bikini

Naomi Watts looks like she has a few muskrats stuffed in her bikini bottoms.  Really, look at that cameltoe/bushy beaver filled bathing suit!  Her nips are poppin too. Dat shit cray!

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Kendra Wilkinson Pokies In Her Bikinis. NOICE!

Kendra Wilkinson can definitely fill out a bikini. I think her nipples are hard because she has those old school shitty implants and that makes them constantly hard, which isn’t a bad thing, but probably annoying for women. 

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Selena Gomez Looks Like Her Boobs Grew While Braless With Hard Nips

Selena Gomez and her nice body just got better.  Unless she has prosthetic tits on, her boobs got much bigger and her nipples seem to be very hard braless in this tanktop.  This movie is gonna be a spanker‘s dream. 

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Micaela Schafer Shows Her Nipples Blatantly In Public Again!

Micaela Schafer has more wardrobe malfunctions on purpose than any other bitch that I write about.  She had pasties on, then either took them off when some smiley ass dude picked her up and had her nipples and tits almost fully exposed!

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Jessica Chastain Just Caught My Eye At The Oscars, Here She Is Topless & NAKED

I never knew who Jessica Chastain was, but since her appearance at the Oscars and the nomination, I was curious and happy to find her in some really dirty sex scenes and naked as hell from the movie Jolene. 

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Britney Spears Topless Pole Dancing With Stars Painted Over Her Nipples

Britney Spears snuck these pics right past me.  I don’t recall seeing her topless pole dancing with stars painted over her nipples, that are still extremely exposed and look hard  Maybe there were ice cubes on set.

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