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Alison Brie Has Huge Cannons

  Alsion Brie has huge cannons and I like that shit.  She could squat down and grind on a dick, she could go jjerk herself off and think bout a chick, and then I will still be thinkin the same shit, her tits thick.

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Christina Hendricks Brings Out Her Huge Tits For Some Shit

Christina Hendricks, YOUR TITS ARE HUGE, they do things to me, that make me wanna spluge.  They never loved you I can tell by the nips, annd when I feel that love, my dirty dick will piss.

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Melissa Debling May Be My New Favorite Pair Of Huge Tits With A Face

Melissa Debling is the new hot bitch with huge cans on Critdick.com.  Seriously, Melissa’s tits are absolutely perfect. I don’t think you could request a better pair.  If there is another bitch in the UK that has a better pair of tits, link it up in a comment.  Debling is the whole package, huge, tits, […]

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Christina Hendricks Experiences Tittie Overflow

Christina Hendricks is seriously busting out of this dress.  Her tits looks so huge and nice plump and ready to squeeze or just stick you head in there for a nap.  Tittie overflow is common nowadays.  While Christina’s last pictures looked like she had to make a stinker, you know take a dump and let […]

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NPH Up Close & Personal On Christina Hendricks Fun Bags

Christina Hendrick’s funbags are flopping all over the place in the presence of Doogie Howser.  Even though NPH is gay, I am sure that he wouldn’t mind motorboating Christina’s huge rack.  You can also see a close up of Christina’s milkers and some other leggy and cleavage filled pics after

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Christina Hendricks Cleavage Has It’s Own Cleavage

Yo I bus’ out articles fasta then Charlie Sheen coked out dick goes limp in a room full of skank hookers.  Nah, I bet Charlie pushes it to the limit and has his Viagra or Cialis pumping out so hard that his heart rate is as fast as Chris Rock in New Jack City.  Christina […]

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Christina Hendricks Shows Us Her Melons

What more can you say about Christina Hendricks’ Melons?  I can’t remember the name off hand, but Christina is going to be in some shitty new movie real soon.  I don’t understand why women like her aren’t approached by Playboy.  I think they would probably sell the most ever copies if Christina was laid out […]

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Amanda Seyfried’s Latest Sexy Photo Shoot Shows Her Goods

Amanda Seyfried did her latest photo shoot for Teen Vogue Magazine.  She really looks hot in the picture above.  She looks better from different angles.  At times, her face can look slightly alienish.  But in the above photo she really looks sexy.  She really has a nice all natural body, and everything is in proportion.  […]

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Dayna Mugno From Tool Academy’s Photo Shoot Preview

Dayna Mugno from Tool Academy 3 does a hot ass photo shoot.  I am thankful that everyone didn’t forget about her.  I think that Kate Vannatta needs to have a nice sexy photo shoot as well.  Just because Kate got elimated early, why should she be forgotten??  I really can’t decide who is hotter, Dayna […]

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Amanda Seyfried’s Chloe Sex Scene Clear Video & Pics

Here are some more of Amanda Seyfried hot naked still photos from her slutty movie Chloe.   I also found a video of Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore getting it on like to pussy-cats…I posted some pictures a while ago and they were all blurry and hard to see.  These are much clearer.  Amanda fucks everyone […]

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