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Farrah Abraham= Piglet Bikini Extraordinaire

FARRAH ABRAHAM BIKINI IMPLANTS!! That is right boys, and dyke girls.  I saw Farrah’s tits coming up to my boy and asking him to jizzz on them.  true Story.  

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Farrah Abraham Barely Waited For The Stitches To Heal Before She Posed Nude & Showed Her New Breast Implants

Farrah Abraham didn’t wait long to do a topless nude photo shoot of her brand new DD breast implants.  Look at the way that her wide ass pussy is eating that fucking bikini.  Dirty fucking whore.  

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Farrah Abraham Blocks The Sun Out Of Her Eyes But Not The Jizz Out Of Her Snatch!

Farrah Abraham shows us her dirty slutty teen mom body so we will all be awaiting her dirty slutty filthy teen mom sex tape.  Nice Marketing.  Guess you southern trailer trash bitches aren’t that stupid after all.  

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Farrah Abraham’s Teen Mom BIkini Body Is Pure Perfection

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has the ultimate teen body of perfection.  She must be 20 by now, but her body with those juicy implants is kickin like Van Damme and also kickin like your girls breath after suckin my dick when it smells like hot Italian hero sandwich that’s  been undr the seat of a […]

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Farrah Abraham, Do I Really Have To Write About This Piece Of Trash?

(6.5/10) Farrah Abraham dirty teen hole has been violated.  Her pussy lips are not even looking full in this skimpy bikini bottom.  You can see them hanging.  19 years old or so and your pussy is finished.  Farrah’s Teen Mom  pussy \looks like it fought Mike Tyson, it looks like it was used as a […]

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Shows Her Implants & Hot Body In A Swimuit

Teen Mom’s are all getting fake tits.  Teen Mom’s really have banked on that god awful show.  I mean, that basically promotes teen pregnancy which is a horrible thing.  Some of these bitches are really pigs.  People talk bad about the cast of Jersey Shore,  these bitches steal the show when it comes to being […]

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Shows Her New Fake Tits & Hot Bikini Crotch

Stank-O-Meter (8.5/10) Teen mom is the worst show ever.  It is making teenage girls get pregnant so that they can be on TV.  Hence the STANK-O-Meter.  I really think that society is more fucked up than ever.  Between this 16 and Pregnant, Bridal Plasty, and this Teen Mom trash heap shows, it is really destroying […]

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