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The Crazy Is Back! Amanda Bynes Lime Green Bikini!

Stank-O-Meter (6.5/10) Amanda Bynes is back embracing the crazy and showing everyone that she took out her breast implants and also maybe screwed her head on correctly.  At least she remembered to wear a bathing suit and also remembered how to swim, and also how to show a peek of snatchy cameltoe.  

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Alice Eve’s Bikini Body Is Fucking Rediculous

  Alice Eve’s bikini body has not changed much, except for her little belly which I find totally sexy.  That little pouch could hold my jizz when I splooge on her after 3 minutes of having my dick in this dynamite piece of ass.  

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Christina Milian Still Got A Hot Ass On Her!

Christina Milian’s ass is still looking fire hot.  Aside from the little bit of cellulite that this thing is packin, it is still a nice donkey, and I would like to rub it down with some Banana Boat lotion, and possibly spray some additional cream her way.  

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Kim Kardashian’s pregnant ass got bigger!  Kim Kardashian’s pregnant tits are FUCKING HUGE! Look at that rump.  I hope Kanye is packin other wise going doggystyle his dick may not reach her dirty Ray J infested pussy hole.  SEXY CAN I?

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Alice Eve’s Ass Has Gotten Bigger & I Think She Sat In Cottage Cheese

Alice Eve has gained some weight since her movie She’s Outta My League, and also has gained some unkind cellulite on her ass.  I do like the size increase, but her tits look smaller and her ass is bigger.  Woulda liked that switched.  

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Jenni J-Wow Almost Lost Her Bikini Top & Her Bottoms Show A Little Bald Peachiness

J-Wow shows the world that her big fake tits literally break her bikini and her bikini wax does work over cellulite and also shows her bald peach that needs to get penetrated by Roger so more. 

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Name The Slut Butt Slop Ass Bachelorette Edition

(6.5/10) Name the slut butt has found one of many of America’s famous nobodies that basically just got some cash for being assholes and morons.  You know who this is and what it is, sloppy biatch.

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Sarah Hyland & Ashley Tisdale Sucking Ice Cream Truck Goodies In Bikinis

Ashley Tisdale and Sarah Hyland, Modern Family cutie are looking hot in these bikinis.  I am really disappointed in this picture of Sarah’s ass.  WTF?  Ashley’s ass is looking flawless, I am in complete confusion as to what happened to Sarah’s nice ripe booty in this pic.  Maybe some old bitch put on a Sarah […]

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Scarlet Johannson Most Recent Bikini Pictures Show A Little Junk In The Trunk

Scarlett Johansson’s bikini pictures show that she can still get it.  Her butt looks like it has a little cellulite, but her body is sexy in a PIlsbury Doe Girl sort of way.  Her nudes were much better, but I’m happy to see her bod back in action. 

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Jersey Shore Is On Tonight, And Deena Cortese Brought Her Big Ass Upskirt Thong Badonkadonk To The Beach House

Jersey Shore is back with more nudity and wardrobe malfunctions than ever.  Deena Cortese seems to take the brunt of the slips and oops with her ass being exposed severely already.  Deena’s ass looks like someone ran it over and dragged it down the block all over the gravel blacktop pavement and then smeared it […]

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