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Sherri Green Is Critdick’s Amateur Bikini Babe That IS COMPLETELY REDONKULOUS

  Sherri Green brings her hotness, braces and hot teen bikini body to Critdick.com.  Wow, where is this girl now/?  What a hot piece.  I hope she is still modeling.  Would love to see her in Playboy.   48 pictures of this hottie!!!! 

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Kaley Cuoco’s Newly Married Butt Crack Is Exposed!

` Kaley Cuoco got married over the new year if you didn’t know, and here she is showing her lovely ass crack.  I bet her husband likes riding horses and riding her all the time.  

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Rihanna Latest Twitpics Plus A Butt Cheek Filled Photo Shoot For Esquire

Rihanna’s butt cheeks look amazing here.  They really are bulging out of these little black panties.  She has been tweeting some crazy hot pics as well as doing some risque photo shoots. 

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Kim Kardashian Ass Crack Says It All In This Skimpy Bikini (for her big ass)

Kim K, ass bikini.  Really, what else is there in life?  I can’t believe Kanye gets to tap that, along with every other black rapper/football player/rapper/Yankee ballboy.  Dum bitch.; 

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Kim Kardashian’s HoneyMoon Bikini Pictures With Much Ass

Kim Kardashian is on her honeymoon and her new husband is having a grand old time playing with that humongous ass.  Kim’s ass actually looks fatter than it did before. I wonder if now that they are married she lets him do her in the ass?  I would have requested that as a wedding present.  […]

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Avril Lavigne Hot Ass Slips Out Of Her Swimsuit…. TWICE!

Avril Lavigne is seen here on vacation living it up like all these celebs do during the winter months.  Do I sound jealous?  Well I am.  This is bullshit, I want to be swimming on some tropical shithole with the sun on my back giving me more freckles and I would also like to be […]

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Demi Lovato’s Big Bikini Ass Is Back On The Beach Again!

Demi Lovato is on the beach again.  Guess what, she is showing off that big ass which is a young version of Kim Kardashian!  Demi really knows how to pick out her swimsuits.  She must try it on and have all her Disney gurus around her telling herhow fabulous her huge fat ass looks in […]

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Demi Lovato Is Another Disney Star Grown Up Too Fast!

Demi Lovato was living it up on the beach.  I am sure everyone else on the beach was living it up looking at her hot fat ass.  Demi is going to be 18 in August.  I would predict, by the type of slutty skimpy revealing swimsuits she is wearing now, it won’t be much after […]

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