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Did Kylie Jenner Get Some Plastic Surgery?

Mother of God, did Kylie Jenner get some work done?  I would say so, unless she just miraculously blossomed overnight.  I never seen a 16 year old girl like this in my highschool.  Maybe I should have went to Calabasas.  Also check out some ass shots of Kendall in a bikini that is definitely out […]

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Jodie Marsh & Her Tattooed Body Show Off The Goods

Jodie Marsh is looking hot for a really skanky tattooed washed up, well whatever she was.  Model, actress, set of tits, prostitute,  cum dumpster, etc.  You get the point, but she is worth a look.  

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U.K. Slut Precious Muir Fucking Perfect Pantyless Pussy Upskirt

Precious Muir possibly has the best upskirt ever.  Her pussy is completely flawless and has absolutely nothing needed to Photoshop.  Her vag is bald, sexy, completely tucked in and an absolute vision of perfection.  Perfect Pussy Precious.  

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Nicole Travolta Had Her Tits Done & Then Ended Up In Charlie Sheen’s Bed On Anger Management

  Nicole Travolta,  John Travolta’s niece, got her tits done and was on Dr. 90210.  She had pretty nice tits to begin with, but then once she got the boob job, she ended up on Anger Management and in Charlie Sheen’s bed.  

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Noelia Rios Nude Lesbian Sex After Breast Implants

  Noelia Rios claims she has never taken any dick and that she is a virgin because she is a lesbian and only fucks girls.  I doubt that.  Her puss looks beat up, not dildo beat up, but like Lex Steele beat up.  

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Farrah Abraham= Piglet Bikini Extraordinaire

FARRAH ABRAHAM BIKINI IMPLANTS!! That is right boys, and dyke girls.  I saw Farrah’s tits coming up to my boy and asking him to jizzz on them.  true Story.  

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Here Are A Few More Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pics That Show That Beefy Love Mound & Newly Fake Boobs

I thought Hayden Panettiere’s bikini pics were the best thing we saw this year, until Jessica Alba came out and showed off her smoking hot body.  She pisses on this dwarf, but Hayden’s beefcake vag does have my attention.  

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The Hotness Of These Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pics TRAFFIC Might Crash My Site!

Hayden Panetiere’s bikini pics showing her tight little pussy and awesome almost undetectable fake tits along with a a massive pussy bulge as well as some bent over ass cellulite pics, who could as for anything more? TOYOTA! 

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Hayden Panettiere Personal Bikini Pics Plus Some Other Pint Sized Sexy Shit

Hayden Panettiere is one pint sized cute little piece of ass with some nice fake boobies.  They are so perky, they have to be fake and in other news, she has a great little butt also.  She should really do a nude sex scene.  I can’t tell you how many dudes, and chicks wanna see […]

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Aly MIchalka’s TIts Are Exploding

Aly Michalka’s boobs have gotten much bigger.  I suspect implants.  Do you think that she got them?  Her sister should follow in her footsteps because she is losing the hotness battle at this moment.  

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