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Tinashe- Welcome To Critdick.com

Tinashe has great tits.  Her IG and FB and Twitter proves that shit.  Her tits are so nice and her body and face is so fucking hot that it makes me want to jerk off all over my PC screen as I write this post.  I can’t believe how fucking how she is.  SHe looks […]

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Kylie Jenner Leads The Pack In A Bikini, On An Elephant

    Kylie Jenner leads the scandalous pack riding an elephant here.  I am sure Knloe and her mom Kris both took turns riding the big guy that trained this elephant.  They are such a devious bunch.  Exploitation at its finest.  Seriously, who rides elephants in bikinis?  

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Salma Hayek Is Young & Hot With Crazy Bouncing Tits In Dogma

  Please check out this Salma Hayek DOGMA GIF aa well as the stills and another GIF from Salma in this movie.  She is a young stacked naturally big breasted fireball dancing to I want Candy on a stripper pole.  Amazing.  

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Ava Sambora Playing Volleyball In A Bikini

Ava Sambora is out on the beach again.  She must really be living it up while I am sitting in here with a foot of snow on the ground and friggin freezing rain coming down.  Life isn’t fair.  Plus I look like I do and she looks like that and is rich and has her […]

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Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Pictures Are Unbelievable

  Kylie Jenner’s Instagram pictures are seriously unbelievable.  From tight dresses loaded with cleavage to bikinis, almost legal.  Tick tock. 

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Lisa Opie Miss Virgin Islands Has One Of The Hottest Asses I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Lisa Opie, Miss Virgin Islands has the best ass I have seen in a while.   This  chick for Miss Virgin Islands would make me move to the Virgin Islands to get a closer look at that ass, word to Martin Louie The King, it free at last.  

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Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Pictures Warrant Comments

Kylie Jenner either is one of the privileged people in the world to have the ULTIMATE PUSH UP BRA, or she developed much faster than any other human being.  I am only sitting here from an objective point of view and wondering why Kris Jenner would let her post these kinda pics.  Bottom line Kylie […]

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Pregnant Penelope Cruz Still Looks Sexy As Hell In A Bikini -Pregnant, Wet, Pregnant, No Make Up, And Did I Say Pregnant???

Penelope Cruz is hot in a bikini here pregnant as hell with no make up on and showing her sexy wet ass and nice pregnant tits. 

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Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore & Pregnant Reese Witherspoon In Bathing Suits For Charlie’s Angels The Beginning Of The End?

First off, let’s say hi and salute Cameron’s vagina in a bikini.  Cameron Diaz , Drew Barrymore & Reese Witherspoon pregnant as hell in bathing suits and swimming.  Heh..

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These Miley Cyrus Bikini Screen Caps Are To Die For! Plus Her Cosmo Tit Pics

Miley Cyrus is looking sexy with a dyke hair cut in these latest bikini pics.  I owe it to E! my favorite channel when it comes to celebrity smut and also Cosmopolitan to taking these hot pics of her tits.  

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