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Aida Yespica & Claudia Galanti Are…who? Wait, WHO cares, The Hottest Bitches In Bikinis This TIme Of Year Full On Boob Slip

If the bitch don’t care that she is naked and on the beach, you know her body is one not to be fucked with.  That is the truth for these first time anal, I mean first time Critdick posted bitches.  Claudia Galanti is above.  Now for Aida Yespica, she is below Haha, the SEO detail […]

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Bar Rafaeli Extreme Cameltoe, Partial Nip Slip, & Bikini Thong Ass

Ok I’m pissed.  Just wrote this entire post about Bar Rafaeli’s nipples falling out of her bikini, her severe cameltoe, and her nice ass in a thong  The whole shit got deleted because of my stupid mouse.  Fuck you mouse.  Fuck Bar right in her asshole.  Leo Dumped her, and my mouse fucked me in […]

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Paula Patton’s Ass & Hard Nipples Give Me Deja Vu

Paula Patton hasn’t made any good movies.  I wonder why?  She should get naked in something.  She has a rocking body, but a seriously shitty agent that gets her cast in bombs.  Paula kind of looks like a smaller titted Rosario Dawson.  Rosario hasn’t really been in any good movies either.  Maybe just Alexander, mainly […]

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Penelope Cruz’s Sister Monica’s Bikini Thong

Here is Penelope Cruz’s sister, Monica Cruz looking smoking hot in her thong bikini.  I think all the Cruz women wear thongs and as well they should.  Penelope has quite the better set of tits, but I think that Monica’s ass looks better.  Check out her ass in a thong and two seperate bikinis after

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The Many Different Looks Of Nikki Sanderson

Here are a huge variety of pictures of U.K. hot actress Nikki Sanderson.  To be honest, the way her make up, dying her hair and all the other shit shit is done for these photo shoots, the pics kind of look like they are of about four different girls.  I personally like the one of […]

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Cameron Diaz In A Thong Bikini With A-Roid Alex Rodriguez

Here is Cameron Diaz hanging out with Alex Rodriguez ready to play with his A-rod, or maybe his D-Rod.  Cameron really isn’t that pretty, but she ahd dated some of the guys most in demand, like Alex, Justin Timberlake, etc.  Cameron must give it up the backdoor, or maybe she just gives a real good […]

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Jersey Shore Bitches In Thongs Are Back

So the JERSEY SHORE is back in action.  These are the bitches from last season, but they have nice asses, so I put the pics up.  I know everyone is ready for a great season, but I am not too sure this season is going to be so great. I heard the 2nd season was […]

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Jordana Brewster Smoking Hot Bikini Ass Candid Photos

So I went to the movies and saw Little Fockers, which was probably the worst Focker movie so far.  But they actually had a trailer for Fast Five.  Fast Five is the fifth installment of The Fast & The Furious Vin Diesel butt plug movies.  I seriously think that Vin may have a butt plug […]

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Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures Keep Getting Better

Here is Brooke Hogan, who keeps looking better in a bikini.  She is seriously looking like her daddy and her skanky mother.  Seriously, Linda Hogan is such a washed up rag and a filthy skank dirtbag.  I can’t believe she would marry someone so young. What a loser.  But Brooke’s ass, tits, and the rest […]

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Fergie’s Thong Bikini Pictures With Nice Cleavage & Hot Ass Pics

These Fergie bikini pics are hot.  She really has a nice body, and definitely a pretty face when she isn’t singing.  I think she looks like a model here more than a singer.  I don’t know if she ever did any modeling before, but she should.  I am sure her tits are fake, and definitely […]

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    Chrissy Teigen’s Perfect Nude Breasts On The Beach

    Chrissy Teigen's Perfect Nude Breasts On The Beach

    Chrissy Tiegen is topless naked on the beach with her mans and them.  She has got some absol[...]

    Lindsey Pelas Completely Nude

    Lindsey Pelas Completely Nude

      Lindsey Pelas is seen here in her bra and panties but she will be stripping those [...]

    Kim Kardashian’s Big Tits On Display Without A Bra

    Kim Kardashian's Big Tits On Display Without A Bra

    Kim Kardashian's tits are right there on display for all to see without any bra, no pasties,[...]

    Charlotte McKinney’s Big Boobs

    Charlotte McKinney's Big Boobs

    Charlotte Mckinney has the hugest new tits on the block.  She has some nice tits, but I thin[...]

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    Elizabeth Masucci Has Great Boobs

    Ms. Masucci has got a magnificent set of melons  She is nude and you can see them in all the[...]

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