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Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Body Keeps Getting Better

Kim Kardashian’s bikini body just keeps getting better.  What an ass of this cunt.  What a set of tits on this bitch.  What a sweet tiny little stinkhole on her tainted behind.  What a tasty little twat, I am sure Kanye puts KFC legs in that bitch and sucks the meat right off once he […]

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Nicki Minaj Shows Her Crazy Voluptuous Body In A Skin Tight Outfit

Nicki Minaj shows her awesome bodacious booty bouncin big titted body in a tight outfit with crazy hot cleavage and some serious cameltoe vagina see through shit.  

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Kim Kardashian Ass Filled Bikini Pics Plus A See Through Shirt & Some Spandex Butt Shots

Kim Kardashian was on a beach in a super hot bikini showing off her amazing body.  Her stomach is really nice looking considering how thick she is.  Check out some see through pics and other bikini ass shots too.  

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Nicole Coco Austin Has Multiple Vagina Slips & Much Bikini Badonkadonk

Nicole Coco Austin has to be more careful about covering her pussy.  She has been letting that bad boy fly around uncensored and going commando in some dresses.  

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Kim Kardashian Bent Over Big Ol’ Ass In A Blue Bikini

Kim Kardashian’s ass speaks for itself.  I really think it does.  It says, ” Kim go make some money with me, you stupid bitch” 

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Kim Kardashian Shows That Big Ass Moneymaker In A Tight Blue Bikini

Kim Kardashian shows her money maker and that is her big huge ass.  This bikini is barely covering all of her lady parts and I really like that shit.  Must be a Lardassian tradition to go out looking like a whore ready to get fucked.

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Demi Lovato’s Bikini Ass Extravaganza In 2012 Is Bootylicious!

Demi Lovato is bootylicious.  That shouldn’t come up as a typo anymore because since Beyonce said it, it is now a fucking WORD IN THE DICTIONARY! How fucked up is that?  Demi’s ass is nice, at least put a pic of it next to bootylicious WEBSTER! 

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Leighton Meester’s Ass Has Graduated To A Dumper

Leighton Meester has a serious ass now.  She put on some weight, and a little went into her stomach and A SHIT LOAD WENT INTO HER NEWLY FOUND JUICEY FAT ASS!!! 

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Elizabeth Gillies Face Isn’t The Only Thing That Reminds Me Of Mena Suvari

Elizabeth Gillies looks a lot like Mena Suvari, in the face and most definitely in the ass.  I think her ass actually looks nicer and she has way bigger titties too.  She is one to watch for some dirty pics to surface. 

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In 5 Years, Nicki Minaj Will Look Like This In A Bikini

NIcki MInaj is about 15 lbs away from looking like this.  Her ass is so ridiculous.  You have got to see that shit in a bikini.  What a fuckin badonkadonk!!.  Black Kim K BOOTY?>?

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