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Aubrey O’Day In 3 Different Bikinis Showing Off Her Skanky Whore Body

Aubrey O’Day is really a whore.  She shows off that nice butt of hers and gets the papa razzi to follow her around and take pictures of bikinis that really don’t fit her.  But it’s all good.  

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Aubrey O’Day’s Ass Is Demanding Whore Attention

Aubrey O’Day has a nice ass.  She tweets it out.  She looks at in the mirror, then shows it to everyone and makes them jerk off. 

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Demi Lovato’s Bikini Ass Extravaganza In 2012 Is Bootylicious!

Demi Lovato is bootylicious.  That shouldn’t come up as a typo anymore because since Beyonce said it, it is now a fucking WORD IN THE DICTIONARY! How fucked up is that?  Demi’s ass is nice, at least put a pic of it next to bootylicious WEBSTER! 

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Demi Lovato’s Round Rump Roast Makes For A Nice Cushion

Demi Lovato shows her round booty on the red carpet and I also found some other pictures of her in her bra that are kind of hot. She is with some dbag and showing him her boobs with an open shirt in her bra. 

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Demi Lovato Nice Big Fat Badonkadonk Ass In A Biknii For 2012, While It’s Snowing AT My Housepiece-FUGOFF!

Demi Lovato is looking super hot here showing her absolutely bangin’ ass in this really skimpy bikini botttom. I am waiting for a few HQ ass shots and hopefully a vagina slip or boob slip. This is crazy, mayvbe the best young Disney ass to be in a bathing suit ever.  Like it.. bitch. 

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Shakira Shows Her Hot Ass & Booty In A Thong Bikini

Shakira’s ass looks so hot that I had to post this shit at 10 pm at night, even though I have been at my shitty job since 8 am and woke up around 530.  Shit blows  I need more of an audience so that I can quit my dayjob and just do this shit full […]

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Rihanna’s Bikini Cover Up Can’t Hide The Fact She Has Sweet Tits & A Hot Ass

Rihanna is covering up her hot bikini body with a nice see through white, well bikini cover up. If I had that sick body of hers, and I was a bitch, I would totally show it off all the time.  I wish that she would change her concert outfits more often.  It’s the same shit […]

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Ice T’s Wife Nicole Coco Austin See Though Bikini Cameltoe & Partial NIP SLIP!!!

Ice T’s wifey wife Nicole Coco Austin is out in full effect showing her humongous ass, big fake tits and huge pepperoni nipples in a bathing suit.;  Coco’s cameltoe is also on display in this tight hugging white bikini bottom that barely covers her smoothly newly shaved (I used new when talking about Coco’s puss, […]

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J-Love’s Ass Looks More Like J-Lo’s Ass

Jennifer Love Hewitt shows her hot body in a sexy red dress with an unbelievable couple of ass shots and some nice cleavage in this sexy ass short skirt.  J-love’s ass looks more and more like Jennifer Lopez’s big fat donker.  Seriously, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been hot for quite some time, and I really […]

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Ashley Tisdale Is Spilling Out Of Her Bikini In Mad Areas

Ashley Tisdale is looking so sexy in this bikini with all of her body parts spilling out of her swimsuit that is too small for her.  I think that Ashley’s body is pretty nice for a chick that doesn’t really have that big of tits.  Her tits could definitely sprout up some as she is […]

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