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Rihanna’s Teenage Mutant NIG*A Turtle Costume

  Rihanna tweeted that she was a Teenage Mutant Ni**ga Turtle.  That shit is pretty funny, but there is nothing funny about jerking off to her nice ass tits in this fucking costume. She could be any kind of turtle as long as she showed off that awesome body of hers.  Rihanna, so funny, so […]

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Kelly Brook’s Calendar For 2015 Has Me SPRUNG!

This Kelly Brook 2015 calendar has me sprung, on how the bitch maneuver her tongue from the top of my dick to the bottom of my ass SPLIT.  

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Nina Agdal’s Incredible Personal Pics

Nina Agdal is only 20 years old at this point and look at that body.,  She is pressing her teenage tits together before she comes out of the water and then is ready to drop her salty cunt all over your cock. I can see it in her eyes that she is a cock gobblin. […]

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Sarah Hyland Central Park Bikini Throwback

Sarah Hyland is hot as hell in a bikini here.  She is like 20 years old here.  So hot.  Not as hot as Ariel, but still FUCKING HOT. 

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Miley Cyrus, There Are No Words To Describe Your Innocence

  I love this filth.  10 dicks across the board.  I called the picture “MIley Cyrus Riding Dick Sex“.  I thought it was an appropriate name for it.  She is at home on stage putting this blow up doll’s dick all up in her mouth and other places it appears as well.  Billy Ray must […]

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Alexa Vega’s Got Tits For Days, Fucking Ass For Weeks

Alexa Vega has tits for days, fucking ass for weeks as I said in this title, her body is fucking bananas.  I would love to meet her in person and see just how big her tits really are and then also see how tight her vagina is after she takes mine and all my boys […]

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Kendall Jenner’s Twitter Pics Push The Limit On Young Nudity

Kendall Jenner is fully nude here.  That means that whoever is photographing this shit gets to see her ass tits and pussy.  Where can I apply to be that photog?  Life is not fair.  Fuck you.

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Miley Cyrus Revisited Wrecking Ball Pics Plus Pissing In The Woods Photos

  Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball has to be revisited as well as some of her pictures that she is nude and flashing her tits in.  Also see her peeing in the woods, popping a squat, like a true white trashian.  She could still get it despite her somewhat desperate shenanigans at this point. 

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Do you know who Laura Cremashi is?

Who the fuck is Laura Cremaschi?  I don’t care.  She needs to tan her white ass tits and slip those panties to the side and take it up her vanooter with all the dirty seaweed that frolicks in that ocean that is now contaminated by her skanky vajayjay.  

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Scarlett Johannson Full Frontal Nudity!

5/10] Scarlett Johansson finally went and did some full frontal nudity.  Praise the lord!  Look at that bod, that bush has got to go though.  I like when Rosario Dawson did it and her shit was shaved. 

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