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Rihanna’s Teenage Mutant NIG*A Turtle Costume

  Rihanna tweeted that she was a Teenage Mutant Ni**ga Turtle.  That shit is pretty funny, but there is nothing funny about jerking off to her nice ass tits in this fucking costume. She could be any kind of turtle as long as she showed off that awesome body of hers.  Rihanna, so funny, so […]

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Demi Lovato Braless With Skunk Hair & Far Spread Apart Boobs

Demi Lovato with her boobs way spread apart and her hair looks like a bad toupee or a fucking skunk that I ran over with my car yesterday.  Her hacked pics suck dick too.  She isn’t sucking dick, but they just suck dick.  

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Ellen Degeneres’ Wifey Portia De Rossi Butt Ass Nekkid

Portia De Rossi, Ellen Degeneres dyke wife shows her dirty magic carpet.  I think I can still see Ellens‘ drool marks on that snatch piece.  Anyway, the divorce is off for now, but Portia’s box looks like it has been tampered with.  

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Scout Willis See Through

Scout Willis has Bruce’s face and Demi’s tits.  UGLY

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Candice Swanepoel Topless & Weird For Vogue

  Candice Swanepoel is looking really weird in this topless photo shoot for Vogue.  Her tits look weird and so does her face.  I don’t get the direction of this shoot, they should have showed some snooter too.  

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Miley Cyrus Is Looking Pretty Odd In W Magazine

  Well, this never ceases to amaze me.  What did they do to her face?  It doesn’t even look like her.  I could only tell by the tattoos and nude tits.  Ohhhhh Miley, well I came and you came and got weirder.  

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Merry Christmas From Helen Flanagan’s Big Tits & Crazy Eyes

  Merry Christmas from Helen Flanagan and her big ass tits.  She has really got some crazy eyes and makes weird faces a lot of the time., but we love her for two reasons, and they are covered with some balls, Christmas balls, not my balls, at least not right now.  

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Emily Ratajkowski Weird Fully Nude Orgy-type Gangbang Shit With Mad Naked Dudes

  Emily Ratajkowski has been exploring and sewing her royal hot bodied oats getting naked with like 50 guys and doing God knows what!  Still perfect, even in that weird rabbit hat.  

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Lady Gaga Forgot To Wear Panties On Purpose Again, I AM NOT SURPRISED

  Lady Gaga is from a different planet where people have green hair and monster bush on their vagina.  She is totally the new Madonna, and never wears panties, and if she does they are outside her pants.  I like it.  

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Lady Gaga Nude In Her Latest Photo Shoot

  Lady Gaga is definitely the new Madonna.  She just gets naked constantly, even on stage, and then does some hot photo shoots.  She has really improved her ass.  That thing is good.  I want to be friends with it.  She must drink a lot of semen, or maybe she just does squats.

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