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Hana Nitsche is Russell Simmon’s Girlfriend, And Here She Is Naked!

Hana Nitsche topless– yeah whatever man, fuck what they be talkin bout they opinion doesn ‘t count she the only one that matter ohhhh– so we do it how we do it, and we would like to fucking do her like Russell Simmons is, and that is probably in her ass.  She just looks like […]

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Suelyn Medeiros Seems Like She Is Ready To Get Fucked On The Beach

Suelyn Medeiros looks like she is ready to spread her  legs and get fucked in the ass by her boyfriend on the beach.  What a body, and what a lucky bastard this dude is.  

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George Clooney Dumped Elisabetta Canalis So She Jumped Off A Boat

Elisabetta Canalis got dumped by George Clooney and now she is wearing bikinis and jumping off boats to make people see how hot she is and that she can do without George.  The Cloon is now probably banging someone much hotter and getting his jimmy waxed by a bunch of randoms.  It was only a […]

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Demi Moore Hot Bikini Body Blows Ashton Kutcher Away

I don’t know where this windy ass place Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are spending their time, but they seem to both be one gust from blowing away.  I think that Demi Moore is such a hot piece of ass still and probably the hottest bitch out there in her upper 40’s.  Ashton will probably […]

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Selena Gomez Got Da Fever For Da Bieber

What  is the world coming to?  I think that people are scared that 2o12 is approaching fast and they are looking to shack up with whoever they think could afford a spaceship to get them the hell out of here before earth gets destroyed.  That is the only explanation why a hot ass girl, well […]

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Vanessa Minnillo’s Tight Ass In A Skimpy Bikini!

Here is Vanessa Minnillo looking smoking hot in a sexy white bikini.  Whatever photographer shot these pictures definitely gets an A+ for the ass shots.  They could be a little clearer, but all in all they are some good booty pics.  Vanessa will be marrying Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson’s ex.  I am sure that Jessica […]

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Reggie Bush’s New Girlfriend Mayra Veronica’s Sick Body

It’s no secret what kind of bitches Reggie Bush likes.  I think they need to have huge tits, and a big fat round ass!  She isn’t by far a Kim Kardashian clone, but she is still pretty sexy.  After that pathetic display by The Saints last night and Reggie hurting his vagina, I mean his […]

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Jude Law Shirtless & Sienna Miller In Her Bikini On The Beach!

Here are some photos of Sienna Miller and Jude law living the life on the beach.  I am really surprised that they are still together.  I think that Sienna must really be a good bang, because she did have that huge affair with Balthazar Getty, and he has enough money to buy the best ass […]

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Pixie Lott In A Bikini With Displays Of Lesbian Affection

Here is Pixie Lott and her lesbian friend getting it on in a pool somewhere.  They both look pretty decent and doable in their nice two piece swimsuit bikinis.  Pixie’s body seems to be a little bit better than her lesbian lover, be as it may, the pictures are definitely worth a look or two.  […]

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Jersey Shore Casting Auditions For Season 3

Stank-O-Meter (2.5/5) The original cast of Jersey Shore packed their bags and headed to Miami to start filming the second season.  But this poses the question, what is going to happen to Snooki’s tool ass boyfriend Emilio? Snooki better not stay faithful to this well groomed douchebag.   I mean look at him in this […]

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    Katy Pery Wardrobe Malfunction Throwbacks Include Pokies, Cameltoe, & Nip See Thru

    Katy Pery Wardrobe Malfunction Throwbacks Include Pokies, Cameltoe, & Nip See Thru

      Katy Perry looks hot as hell in this pink bikini and also in the dress she wore th[...]

    Lindsey Pelas Completely Nude

    Lindsey Pelas Completely Nude

      Lindsey Pelas is seen here in her bra and panties but she will be stripping those [...]

    Hello Again Kylie Jenner

    Hello Again Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner is showing her bra and wearing some bright red lipstick.  This outfit is smokin[...]

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