Shawn Johnson GIF Images Show Many Sex Positions For The Olympian

shawn johnson riding dick sex tape

Rating: ★★★★★★★¾☆☆ 

Shawn Johnson, OIympian, sex symbol for all the women that have tight bodies and can ride a horse and be a whore.  Nah just kidding, she is super hot, and squats on a cock like nobody’s business.

All pics are GIFS, watch her shake that ass for you

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  • ticdick says:

    lol women’s sports are only watched by pervs because of bouncing tits and camel toes in tight ass clothing!

    oh ya, and also by hairy legged/armpitted testosterone infused raging year long PMSing feminists who claim to be equal, but dont work as hard as men do.

  • seth freeman says:

    ishawn johnson i love to touch you.

  • seth freeman says:

    butt butt butt shawn johnson