Lady Gaga Before She Was Famous.. Kinda Hot

lady gaga before she was famous

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

Lady Gaga actually looks human here.  She was really a pretty girl, kind of looks like she could be part of the Sarandon family.  I see a little Eva and some of Eva’s tits in her, wish they would nip kiss with some squishems. 

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  • Jewface says:

    First, Mr. Thick, she has an ugly Jew man face. Secondly, I would love to punch her in her ugly jew man face. Titties.

  • Much hotter than nowadays.

  • ToiletMouth says:

    Only Jews enjoy her music. They dance to it holding other jews on wooden jew chairs. Nigga joke here.

  • Dickens says:

    I want to choke her out. Straight merk that kikeing sea jew.

  • Michelle M. Davies says:

    I heard she was bullied as a teenager. What stupid Jew.