Rooney Mara Is Naked…. Eh

rooney mara ass nude and naked


Rooney Mara is naked and everyone seems to think it is a big deal. It’s not like it Sofia Vergara naked, or even Jessica Biel, or someone like that.  It’s Rooney Mara.  She could eat a dick. If you like her and think she is hot and I am an asshole, call me a stupid cocksucker in the comments. 

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  • Scott says:

    Love the site, but think you are way off on this one. I think she is hot, and decided to jerk off during the rape scene in the theater. Some of the other movie goers seemed uncomfortable with this.

  • KoldShadow says:

    LMA0 @ Scott, you’re loco!

  • mike houlders says:

    yes she is naked but how else is an actress of today supposed t portray life’s intimates scenes
    step in to the 21 century people you get to see some skin get over it the world aunt gonna end tomorrow so grow the fuck up quit being such a child nudity is a fact of life all over the world adjust to it