Miley Cyrus Celebrates Her Birthday With Black ChicksWith Nipple Tassels?

Yeah, fuckin weird.

Last years bday outfit for Miley was much better. I wish the candles were my dick and she would blow on that.

miley cyrus black strippers at her birhday

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

MIley Cyrus has fucking black strippers at her birthday party.  Women strippers, with big  milkers exposed with nipple tassles, pasties and the whole 9 yards of huge labia to spread all over her face.  What a fuckin weirdo, Miley needs therapy, tattoo, then realize tattoo on her sacred young ripe tight as a turtles a hole ahole gets the tat removed, then has a birthday where she has half naked dancers.  wtf?


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  • Me says:

    Did any one notice the fucking oompa loompa