Am I Seeing Things or Is That Ariana Grande’s Young Ass Vag Slip?

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

Ariana Grande, let me sing to you.  Am I only dreeeeea-aaaming?  Or is this burning, and eternal taint.  Say my name, underage twat through the rainbow, my dick, so lonely, your cunt can cum on me a-gaine.  I don’t want to hear you squeelin, ohhhh! Close your eyes, give me your clam, darlin, do you feel my dick throbbin, do you understand, do you feel Da Vein? Am I only creamin? If this is Ariana’s vagina, me likey.  If it’s not a pussy slip and just some weird action from the pic that depicts a young tight ready for penetration twat, then my bad.  Definitely worth a look, and my song was hot, check it out with nice UPSKIRT ass shots and some seriously sexy thongish underwear after

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  • Christian Alexander Tietgen says:

    Well, she’s still wearing a thong.

  • Blake says:

    I like to to stick my dick up your sexy pussy and


    I would lick and suck her ass sooh good … I want to breed this latina with my man juice any time….

  • Chuck Norris says:

    She’s the hottest Italian girl in the world.

  • boner says:

    i would do anything to bust a nut in her tight little asshole

  • I just want to my dick into her beautiful. Pussy

  • Austin says:

    I wanna fuck her so bad. My dick is hard for that bitch. Damn I need her

  • kyle says:

    I would demolish her ass cheeks in an instant

  • Angel says:

    I would fuck and lick her tight pussy and stick my 8 inch dick into her pussy and tight asshole

  • Neil Quagmire says:

    those pics sure got me hard. I’d do anything to suck the farts straight outta her hot little ass, have her fart on my cockhead & then shove my throbbing member into her poopchute.

  • Ilickarianasass says:

    I would do so many things to her if i had the chance