Alison Lohman Lesbian Sex Scene With Much Pinky Pink

alison lohman nude tit sex scene fucking

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆ 

If you liked Alison Lohman as Nicolas Cage’s daughter and jerked off to her in Matchstick Men when she was a tight young little skateboarding thirteen year old, then you’ll love this shit.  Alison could get it, but she has that face like her pussy stinks.  I wonder if it does, does it smell like roses, or does it smell like toe cheese?  Does she wipe frontwards and drive the shit into her clam?  I am not sure, examine and determine, final words, spoken like a true gentleman, don’t wear no suit and no tie, I’m no gentleman, gettin laid chicken heads that’s my hobby, never bust a nut when the bitch is lookin sloppy, I be the Dick Thick, cause I’m a Critic, never liked the name I received from my father, dirty deluxe, drunk huntin for skanks to fuck, snatch the devil up by his hand and cut his head off…. Wow, do you know where that’s from? I should have been  a rapper, not a blogger, venom in my veins, and I fuckin blame my father, but I like Alison Lohman, she could give me a nice blow man, and I’ll pretend she Lindsay Lohan after

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