Rihanna’s Bikini Body Is So Tight


Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

Rihanna looks amazing in this white bikini with her ass so perched and ready to take a non-abusive non Chris Brown peen right up her no no hole.  Oh na na, let me touch your ass, oh na na lemme bus a nut up your ass, oh na na , lemme spank that butt, oh na na, I don’t care if you’re a slut.  Baby ya body, makes me get a stiffy, makes me want to touchy, ya dirty but ever so funky, I surrender, my dingus and my condoms, so let me suck ya pom poms, and then go up ya Bon temps… I went True Blood at the end, Bon Temps, is actually pronounced Bon Ton, like the potato chip.  I went to high school with a girl that’s dad owned that chip company, who was actually the official chip of Yankee Stadium for a while.  She was hot too.  Red ginger like Jessica Hamby,  ALiison this goes out to you.  Check out Rihanna and her awesome bikini body with nice ass, crotch, cameltoe and a buncha other shit after

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