Rihanna’s Ass Bent Over Blue Thongish Bikini Pictures Are Bangin’

rihanna ass bent over and thong in a blue bikini

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

Rihanna is still looking good as a dumpster filled with Grizzles..  Her ass is continuously impressing me and putting an impression in my pants.   Ok now we outta here tootles to you bitches, and if you dolled up I’ll give your fucking pussy stitches, I’m busy gettin rich, I don’t want trouble, I got enough dick for two bitches and a stunt double.  Dick Thick is like a drug that you’ve taken too much of, I don’t ever bust a nut, vaginas fits me like a glove, I’ve got a monster in my pants, so my jeans are kinda snug, your girl‘s number  in my pocket and yo this is what I does, I’m about Rihanna man… Like I said, Rihanna, hot blue bikini, semi thong, one piece bikini doggystyle, hot after

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