Kim Kardashian’s Fat Lardassian In Spandex & Some Bullshit Photo Shoot

kim kardashian see thru

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆ 

Kim Kardashian is showing off the goods and being a fat badonkadonk beeitch with a bad ass booty and a hot face, trim waist, jizzum on her back, make me bustanut in 5 seconds flat.  Jizzum on her ass, jizzum on her face, forget about her ass, I wanna smear it on her taint.  Ain’t that a trip, Lard Ass milkshake, do you want a sip?  Do you want to dip quick back to the crib put on lipstick, crush up some Ambien and sniff it off my dick quick?  Or do you want to head out over to my Ford Focus, stoke us, poke us and then go fuckin smoke this?  What about, blaze up some dirty brown ass thai stick, jizz in your eye quick and then tell you go fuckin die bitch?  I am a LYRICIST.  What you think of this? Ain’t no amature, and yes, I’m immature, and everybody’s mom’s a whore, so lets go down the shore, where’s whore’s galore, but not for the poor, for the rich so the bitches won’t ignore, you’re fucked up tongue piece hanging on the floor.  Ok I gotta stop, poppa crotch, poppa ass, dirty ass, pass the gas, cum to fast all over Lardassian ass, after the jizzumjumpjump(afternoon drunk)

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