Vanessa Hudgens New Short Dyke Hairdo Can’t Take Away From Her Nice Boobs With No Bra

vanessa budgens side boob

Rating: ★★★★½☆☆☆☆☆ 

Vanessa Hudgens cut her hair off.  But she didn’t cut her tits off.  Thank the man upstairs for that.  Her hair will grow back but those natural breasts wouldn’t.    Haha, I am watching a shitty low quality bootleg of the new Fast & The Furious right now and seriously, Vin Diesel is the worst actor ever.  Paul Walker isn’t doing that good of a job either.   Wait a minute, I take that back, the dude who plays Vince in the first one, (the guy who Paul Walker saves from getting killed when his arm is tangled and the trucker dude shoots him in the leg with the shot gun and shit) is the worst actor EVER.  I mean, Andy Dick could do a better job cast in a movie playing Barrack Obama.  Anyway, Hudgie’s new hairdo may be lesbionic, but her titties area looking sweet, and not to mention the upskirt UPSKIRT, upskirtS, THAT TAKE PLACE IN THESE PICS, CHECKE EM OUT

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