Miley Cyrus Should Let Her Vagina Sing A Couple Songs At Her Concerts

miley cyrus pussy

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆ 

Miley Cyrus should really let her vagina sing a few songs in concert.  Everyone sees that it is just ready to start flapping Katy Perry’s Firework and sing some shit out of her 4th of July vaginal outfit that secretes the spirit of Independence Day with the thought that outfit was once white, but after all the Miley Menstruation Period accidents on stage, they just gave her a red outfit so her shit could leak like a faucet filled with Ragu tomato sauce?  How you like me now?  Am I gross?  Do I make you queezy when I talk about a singer vagina skeezy that bleeds like the asshole of Lil Weezy when he was geting ass raped in prison?  Let me know, and fa show, Miley Cyrus, crotch in concert, tits in concert, nice flat stomach ready for a jizz pile, and yep, in concert after

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