Taylor Momsen, So Many Upskirts, What Is The Point Of Wearing A Dress At All?

taylor momsen upskirt

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

Let’s go to the upskirt party.  Let’s go to Taylor Momsen’s concert where it is basically a jailbait underage parade of panties and ass hanging out of a tight way too short dress.  I mean I am not complaining or anything, but I don’t even  see the point of Mizz Momsen even wearing clothes at this point.  She should just pull a Lady Gaga (who she is trying to be anyway) and constantly walk around in her bra and panties.  Shit’s hot if you got the bod,flaunt that piece biatch.  Check out a collage of Taylor Momsen ass and upskirt panty pics after

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