Sofia Vergara Does The Bikini Crotch Legs Spread Thing & See Through Cover Up To Awesome Ass

sofia vergara cameltoe

Rating: ★★★★★★★¼☆☆ 

To the tune of Santana, Maria Maria, bus it… Sofiffffiiii—-aaaaa Ass Vegarrrrrr=aaaa, you make me friggin horny.  Growing up in dirty Jersey, you remind me of my favorite whore(HOO_WUR))  .   Sooooooo0-fffiiiiiaaa- “Tits” Vergarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-aaaaaa.  You remind me of the perfect tetas. Growing up and being breast fed, til I was 12 I know what I’m talking about so don’t you question me biatch. Okay I kind of went off the beat, rythum and trashed the song by ranting.  Nah Sofia, I am just playing with you, (like you’ll ever read this).  You’re hot, great bod, don’t look old.  Tits, ass, face, georgous.  That accent though, you could work on it.  It’s almost as bad as Penelope Cruz’s. Anyway, you’re see through cover up may keep you warmm but it doesn’t hide that great ass and those tig ol bitties you got there.  Check them out after

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