The Girls Of Skins Most Revealing Moments Plus UK Skins GIrls IN Lingerie & Nude

camille cresciencia mills tits

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

MTV’s new show Skins, is my new perverted guilty pleasure.  Seriously, they really went for the gusto when they put this shit on.  All it is is high school students doing drugs and having sex, perverted parents, massive burn outs, and drugs, sex, and did I mention DRUGS AND SEX? Anyway, Camille Crescienca Mills has great tits, Rachel Thevenard is the best of both worlds, great boobs and a great ass, Sofia Black D’elia is just skinny hot!  All the other bitches are kind of wack, but those are my favorites!  The UK skins features Kaya Scodelario who I have written about before as she is CRAZY HOT,  and some other big titted behemoth named Emma Stansfield.  Check out these UK & US Skins bitches at their most revealing moments after

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