Snooki Is Going To Wrestle With Trish Stratus… and WTF Happened To Trish Stratus?

trish stratus and snooki

Stank-O-Meter (8.5/10)

Ok.  Let’s start off by saying Snooki is going to wrestle.  All those guido juiceheads, J-Woww manly but getting hotter and more and more looking like Emmanuelle Chriqui, included, and they picked Snooki to wrestle in the upcoming Wrestlemania.  I think that Snooki is going to be on the WWE shows for a while building up to the big event.  I used to watch wrestling, back when the women were all pigs and Big Bad Mama was on the prowl.  Well times have changed, but so has Trish Stratus!

trish stratus hot ass

Seriously, look hot hot Trish used to be.  BAD PLASTIC SURGERIES kill some women.  It doesn’t even look like her anymore.  She took her tits out, got a terrible facelift, and just totally ruined everything but possible her dynamite ass.  What an onion!  Anyway, check out some hot older Trish Stratus pictures including nipple slips, see through wet t-shirts, nice ass pics, and a bunch of Snooki’s fat ass getting it on the wrestling mat after

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  • bungweasel says:

    Poor Trish! Somebody obviously convinced her that the “Alien Reptile” look was going to be the new fad! Oh well that’s what paper bags are for.