Lady Gaga’s Ripped See Through Pants Show Her Thonged Up Ass

lady gaga pussy

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

So I made another remix of a Lady Gaga song.  It goes a little something like this, I want your pussy, I want your tit-tees, I want you even though you look like a skeeze, Va-Gin-Al  glove, glove glove glove, I want your glove.  That’s just a rough draft.  Wait until I get up karaoke to sing that shit in some random bar when I’m drunk and stupid.  I had to laugh at a comment someone made on another site referring to Gaga, “This bitch is so trashy even flies don’t want to touch her.”  That’s pretty funny, but right now Lady Gaga’s body is slamming HEr ass looks good, minus the butt acne, her boobs still look like flapjacks, but better, and her stomach is seriously hot. Check out the rest of these Lady Gaga pics after

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