Olivia Sharpe From Jerseylicious In A Leopard Bikini

olivia sharpe bikini body

Rating: ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆ 

Here is Olivia Blois Sharpe from Jerseylicious in a bikini living it up and showing off her body.  She seriously looks like Snooki with smaller tits and less of an oompa loompa bottom. .  Since the success of Jersey Shore, everyone jumped on the Jersey bandwagon trying to get their shit to be a hit like that show.  And FYI, Olivia has a boyfriend.  They don’t tell you anything about him or mention him on the show at all.    His body definitely makes me jealous, he looks sculpted out of stone, and does nothing but lift weights and go tanning.     Check out the rest of Olivia Sharpe from Jerseylicious’s bikini pictures showing her ass and some boobs with her adonis boyfriend after

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  • obiwansidisi says:

    She thick as hell, word is bond! I’ve seen the show… I’d fuck that without so much as a second thought! What’s up with these Jurseey girls and all of the hair and makeup though? That shit is retarded!


  • guidettebuster says:

    These 2 fake tan fake tittied tramps olivia and tracy are the only 2 hot sluts on this show with the exception of briella and her big rack. They are increadibly fuckin hot and the orangy hue just makes them seem sexier for some reason besides they look like they are really nasty whores in the sack so long as you get them coked up a little with some cheap club drinks for good measure. No matter how gaudy and stupid they look it absolutley fuckin works which is why so many people tune in including the critics so everybody just shut the fuck up and take notes! BTW her bf looks like a juicehead typicle guido fag right down to those AX underroos.