Minka Kelly Esquire Outtakes Will Make You Take Out The Jergens!

minka kelly ass naked

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

Minka Kelly is seriously the hottest girl on the planet according to Esquire?  I mean don’t get me wrong, she is really hot, but as far as calling her the hottest, I don’t think that she is.  It all depends on your taste, but I think there are women out there with better bodies, better faces, and definitely better bodies with better faces.  Ashley Greene comes to mind, so does Kim Kardashian, and possibly Jessica Alba (she may have won already, I am not sure) but my pick would have to be Sofia Vergara. Sexy to me doesn’t mean pretty, it means buxon, with a bad ass body, and mass sex appeal.  If she was more famous, I have grown a huge liking to Kacey Barnfield as well.  I think she could be a contenda!  But this year, Minka Kelly is the sexiest according to Esquire.  So everyone has to deal with it, especially Derek Jeter who gets to ride that ass like Seabiscuit all night long.  Check out about 10 or more of Minka Kelly’s hot lingerie outtake photos, a few of her with no bra on, some other pics of her bangin’ ass, and a HOT VIDEO she made for the photo shoot after

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