Kaley Cuoco Needs The Big Bang Rearly

kaley cuoco hot dress

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

The Big Bang Theory is really a funny ass show.  I watch it religiously and am so happy that Jim Parsons “Sheldon” won the Emmy.  He so deserved it, just as Jon Cryer did for Two and a half Men. Well getting back to the point of this article… Kaley Cuoco is smoking hot.

kaley cuoco sexy stomach

Check that picture out, man that is super high def and clear as a licked up empty Lindsay Lohan cocaine baggy.  I think that Kaley may have gained some weight this season, and they have been putting her in baggy shirts.  Usually she is seen in a skimpy tank top with no bra and nice nipple pokes.  Maybe she is prego, who knows.  Well check out the rest of these hot ass Kaley Couco pictures with nice cleavage and hot six pack-ish stomach photos after

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  • Vadim says:

    You really mad sure to find the most awful pictures of her.

  • Dick Thick says:

    I used all her good ones in my previous articles. If you know of some of her that I don’t, let me know!

  • obiwansidisi says:

    Yeah… I agree, these pics make her look average… if hot is average! But still, I’ve seen her look better. She’s hot, but these are some bad shots…


  • raj faneen says: